Artists and Horror

Jessica Dueck


Digital & Design artists born in Asuncion, Paraguay the 27th August 1990. With a German/Canadian father and a Paraguayan mother. I have 3 other siblings, i´m #2.​

I started with digital art when i was 15, but only in 2010 started to get better in skills and quality. The first time i saw this type of art (photo manipulation) was in 2005 after finding a artist in the random section there, named Ana Fagarazzi who showed an amazing gallery, full of things i have never seen... Read More

Matej Toman


My journey began after I celebrated my 18th birthday. I left my hometown and headed for Bratislava, where luck struck me and I landed a job with Wiktor Leo Burnett - the best marketing school I could ask for. 
After 18 months of work on big projects for big clients and learning the ropes with the ATL team, I decided to sail into new seas with, at the time a young agency, Zaraguza. With them I have discovered my true calling - designing for the world wide web. My newfound love has set... Read More

Riccardo Bucchioni


picked one of my designs for some merch! So proud people! Before someone points it out, I know Linda Blair is not a ghost. But Adam clearly asked to have her because of the importance of the Exorcist in the horror movies' history. I hope you like it.

Serpil Sezer


Serpil Sezer