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Dog Eaters (They took my dog for there Dinner)


There was an old couple in England who had a pet poodle. They loved their dog very much and treated it almost like it was a human. Some would even say they pampered it too much. Whenever they took a bath, the poodle was given a bath too. Whenever they cooked dinner, they would fix an extra plate and leave it on the floor for the dog to eat. One day, they were taking their pet poodle for a walk when they happened to pass by a Chinese restaurant. Feeling hungry, they decided to go inside and have dinner. However, when they sat down at a table and the waiter brought over the menus, they realized that he didn’t speak any English. They attempted to order their dinner by pointing at the items they wanted on the menu. The couple also wanted to order a meal for... Read More

Black-Eyed Children (They were soo different)


This happened quite recently maybe four to five weeks ago, my girlfriend and I stayed up late to watch a movie that came on our own child was in bed it must have been close to midnight we were halfway through this movie and we heard a knock on the window I looked at my girlfriend who didn't seem to notice and assumed it was the dog on the laminate flooring in the other room about seconds later there it was again I asked her if she heard it again and she said yes this time, I got up and went to check on the dog the front room sofa sits underneath the window and the door to the other room is about seven feet away so I got up took a couple of steps and I noticed someone move outside I stood for a second and waited to see if it happened again it's not unusual to... Read More

Apocalypse Horror Story - End of the World


  Basically, the war destroys the world and only a few people are left. The main character is a scavenger and goes to collect supplies for his camp and comes across a book in a war bunker written in 1992 which has exact details about the war 30 years before it happens. He then discovers he wrote it himself which is impossible because he was born in 2093 which is 101 year before the book was written.