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Alan Rickman Alan Rickman will star on The Limehouse Golem

After 10 years in Harry Potter films facing all manner of fantastic beasts, Alan Rickman will once again deploy his signature brand of contempt on a magical creature. This one has it coming, though. According to Deadline, the actor has joined Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) and Douglas Booth (Jupiter Ascending) in an adaptation of Peter Ackroyd’s best-selling novel Dan Leno And The Limehouse Golem. The film, which will be called The Limehouse Golem, is set in 1880s London, where a series of murders has shaken the community to the point where people believe the crimes are the work of a golem, a mystical creature... Read More

Sarah Paulson confirmed in American Horror Story: Hotel Sarah Paulson confirmed in American Horror Story: Hotel

SHE’S BACK! Sarah Paulson has signed on the dotted line to return to American Horror Story for the forthcoming fifth season, dubbed ‘Hotel’. We’re so happy that Paulson has decided to return to American Horror Story… we had no doubts that she would. It seems the casting for American Horror Story is stepping up a notch at the moment, as it was only last week that Murphy confirmed that Kathy Bates is returning to the show. Paulson has had leading roles on American Horror Story for the past couple of seasons and has regularly been seen on-screen with Jessica Lange. This year, she is checking into the ‘hotel’ as the “baddest... Read More

Richard Dysart Richard Dysart "THE THING" Star Dies from Cancer

Richard Dysart, a veteran of stage and screen best known for his role on "L.A. Law", died Sunday after a long battle with cancer. He was 86 years old.  According to Dysart's daughter-in-law, he passed away at his home in Santa Monica. His wife tells us he'd been diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. During his five decade career in the entertainment business, Richard appeared in a number of horror and science fiction movies, most notably as Dr. Cooper in John Carpenter’s The Thing. His other credits in this field include The Terminal Man (1974), Riding with Death (1976), Prophecy (1979), Meteor (1979),... Read More

Burying the Ex Joe Dante's new indie horror comedy: Burying the Ex

Cult hit director Joe Dante is likely best known for his work on films like Gremlins and The Howling, but he’s still cranking out quirky horror gems — and it sounds like we all might get a chance to see his latest effort. Dante recently completed work on the indie horror comedy Burying the Ex, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival. It stars an excellent cast of up-and-comers including Anton Yelchin (Fright Night), Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga) and Alexandra Daddario (True Detective) The best part? Image Entertainment has snagged the U.S. rights, with plans to release the film in theaters and VOD in the summer of 2015... Read More

George Romero Aftermath Infestation: Survivor Stories - The War Z gets a reboot with Romero's Aftermath

The folks behind Infestation: Survivor Stories (aka the game previously known as The War Z before it changed names due to a trademark issue) is rebooting its zombie MMO with a new game called Romero's Aftermath. That Romero in the title isn't Doom co-creator John Romero, nor is it Night of the Living Dead director George A. Romero, but it is his son, George Cameron Romero. "He's going to join production team as a creative force to help us make the ultimate zombie experience," the developer said on its official forum. "Cameron, being an avid hardcore gamer will be a great partner for us. He brings not only his creative vision and... Read More


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