Top ten horror book recommendation ~ January 2019

Top Ten Horror Book Recommendation - Januray 2019

I can strongly affirm that I started the year with one of the greatest discoveries I have done as a reader. "Three Days in Ashford" —the town that Satan calls home is a perfect conglomerate of solid disturbing elements combined to mould your mind in the shape of terror.
Discover the truth of Hell and Heaven, punishment and denied redemption. How the "gods" delight themselves tearing apart our spirit.
The inevitable doom our souls suffer when we precipitate towards the "hunger" of the most abominable "lovely" creatures the Universe provides our eternity with...


AND HELL FOLLOWED - Anthology by Death's Head Press
Ah, do you know the feeling when you manage to create the perfect pizza? With each little ingredient that transports you to Heaven for a few seconds?  That is the feeling you get when you turn the pages of this anthology. With the difference, of course, that the ingredients are different kinds of elite terror and they bring you straight down —to Hell itself.
The authors collected between these chapters are purely a horror delight.
"What would happen if The Book Of Revelations hit today?". Beautifully brutal and disturbed theories of how humanity could (will?) be torn to pieces and burnt to ashes once our worst punishers are finally set free to walk on Earth. A must read.


Dona Fox has done it again. Following the "short story" line, she just released a little piece of a psychotic nightmare. The struggles of a broken, tortured and deceived mind trying to crawl its way back to sanity fighting the strong anaesthesia that drags her in and out of her consciousness.
How much panic can you handle when you suffer induced schizophrenic episodes that ban you from remembering... who you are? For afterwards, stabbing you with pieces of your memories in the shape of ghosts and painful agony.
The Master of Madness, Dona Fox, always delivers.


When I read this book, I described it in my review like "Crimson honey for your mind." and I still stand by it. A lycanthrope slaughter for revenge narrated in such melodic prose that makes you turn the pages without realising. The rest of the reviews seem to agree with me. No wonder he is a poet of the macabre and the underworld. Always a pleasure.
A must-read for any wolf and werewolf lover.

THE QUEEN OF BONES by Gregg Zimmerman
A very different apocalypse.  An antihero leads you through a "sun-throb" end of the world. Weak, ill and heartbroken, Sarah owns the key to survival in a world of fire. The question is, will she be strong enough to face the monsters she finds in her way? Human monsters... the worst of all.
Zimmerman is very pleasurable to read. He uses the human psyche's weaknesses to teach you a lesson. A piece that will bring you more than horror. The author has a lot of things to say...

DEATH O DEATH by Ellie Douglas 
Every time I think of Ellie I smile so big. She is so amazingly disturbing. From the sweetest person on Earth blooms one of the most disturbing horror I have ever read. This is a collection. I can assure you, you'll have nightmares, and several. I'm still scratching myself in paranoia, holy cow... 
She is a brilliant author and definitely worth having in your shelves.

WARM by Eric Kapitan
I loved this book so much that I bought the paperback. The fractured story of a lost man, which fate was sealed before he was born. Tragedy after tragedy, he falls into every single sin and bad choice, until his dark destiny hunts him. With amazing twists and a complex plot, Kapitan will lead you through a forest of dark forces and perdition.

WHEN THE SUN SETS by Lou Yardley
This one is a short story that surprised me a lot. Panic in the dark. Complete —dark. Quick, fresh and narrated by the one and only Lou Yardley, author of Hellhound, an award-winning werewolf novel (which I also loved, of course). If you're looking for a quick read, I recommend this one.

LOW by Mike Duke
I deeply enjoyed this book. One of my best reads the past year. I always recommend it to everyone. Mike Duke is a Master of Punishment. He knows how to stir your guilt and sorrow and turn them against you in a shuddering race to flee from Hell. Extreme horror, very well crafted.

THE SILVER FEATHER by Joanne Van Leerdam
"The Silver Feather" is a really lovely tale. Don't get me wrong, macabre lovely tale. It's just so easy to read that you won't realise you turn the last page. Van Leerdam knows how to settle up the correct and key elements to make you shiver and smile at the same time. 
I always recommend this novella for people wandering off between horror and dark fantasy. She is indeed, a GOOD writer, beyond a huge supporter of the writing community.


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