Contracted the Movie
Eric England


Samantha kills Nikki, her apathetic girlfriend, by choking her to death after Nikki finds out Samantha hooked up with a man at a party and Nikki confesses she's been cheating on Samantha, then bludgeons her friend Alice to death after going to her house and telling her she has nobody left but Alice (she gives Alice a bloody, gross out kiss and then kills her).  Samantha then cleans herself up (as best she can), calls Riley to come over, and has rotting, maggot-y sex with Riley and then transforms into a full on zombie as she's driving home to her mom.  She gets out of the car, takes a swipe at someone trying to help, and then, when her mom calls for Samantha to come to her, Samantha lunges at her and the screen goes black.


What a magic little gem this is and one which will make you think twice about having a one night stand! My only complaint about this one is that it didn’t run long enough and ended too abruptly. I wanted more. This movie runs along a similar vein as Thanatomorphose where a young girl becomes infected with a virus and her body begins to fall apart. 
Though nowhere near as graphic as Thanatomorphose, there are enough differences between both movies to make them unique. This story is about Samantha who is a lesbian and after breaking up with her girlfriend attends a party where she is drugged and raped by a man she doesn’t know. The story progresses over a three day period where Samantha’s condition worsens by the hour as she experiences her flesh rotting, vaginal maggots, an abnormal menstrual cycle which becomes a river of blood, fingernails, hair and teeth falling out and the progressive loss of her eyesight. 
She very quickly regrets her one night stand as her life unfolds over the three days into a living hell. As the disease consumes her, she becomes a murderous soul killing her best friend and taking bites out of other people’s necks. Her crumbling body sends her insane and the final result is when she’s killed in a car crash and is reborn as a zombie. The zombie part only lasts for about one minute, the rest of the movie is about how she came to end up in this state. 
I know some people have canned this movie but I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was very well made with high quality special effects and the acting was brilliant especially by Najarra Townsend who played the part of Samantha. I found it to be a bit different and very entertaining. I invite you to leave your comments below and let me know what you think.




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