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Suicide from the dark web

A Forum with tricks to suicide, on the DARK WEB


ok... TOR browser...ready proxy.... connected. cross your finger... go deep web mode. What is the dark web (or darknet)? It is the darkest, sickest part of the deep web... ok but, what is the deep web? well you can ask to google. In the middle of all the insane sick things you can find on the dark web you can also find this kind of disturbed stuff: Believe me or not, the site is called Suicide Tips & Tricks and its content is exactly what you think... a forum to help people to find the proper solution to die. Browsing the site you can find alot of disturbed people asking for some hint about the best way to "do it".. for instance: "So I've decided I'll go out via hanging, but I'm not sure what kind of knot to use when tying the rope to the... Read More