Is This the END? APOPHIS is COMING!!!

The Story: 

Doomsday stories on how the earth will soon end dependably come up and soon fail out. What's more, now there is another hypothesis doing rounds on the web. A few media houses have announced how NASA has uncovered that earth may confront calamity in the year 2036 after a space rock hit.
The name of the space rock is Apophis and its crash with earth will prompt human annihilation. According to reports, The space rock was recognized by NASA in the year 2004 and from that point forward they have been watching the heavenly body.


According to IB times report, the news was bankrupt by Duane Brown who is a NASA official. Steve Chesley and Paul Khodas from NASA have even anticipated the date too which is April 13, 2036. What is vital to take note of that news pieces depend on NASA's public statements from the year 2009. 

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