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According to testimony, her brutal rape and sexual assault lasted nearly two hours, during which time she begged for her life and had tried to escape. She was tied with rope and gagged with duct tape, which Williams -- who photographed the crime -- also used to ultimately suffocate her.

The sicko Canadian Air Force

The second victim, a 27-year-old Tweed, Ontario woman named Jessica Elizabeth Lloyd, went missing in January 2010. Her body was found by the side of the road.

Lloyd had been home when she was attacked by Williams, who broke into her house after watching the woman from his SUV, the Sunday Star reported. He used duct tape to bind her, then took photos and video of his brutal assault which lasted several hours.

"If I die, will you make sure my mom knows that I love her," she said in the video, the newspaper wrote.

Although Williams assured her he would not kill her, prosecutors said the airman ultimately struck her over the head with a flashlight and strangled her with rope until she died.

The sentencing of Col. Williams ends a tragic chapter in Canadian history that will likely not be forgotten.

"He betrayed this community and he betrayed the military and he betrayed the men and the women who serve in the military," Burgess said.