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On July third in 1976, Joachim Kroll was captured for grabbing and murdering a four-year-old young lady named Marion Kettner.

Marion Kettner

As police went from home to home, a neighbor approached a policeman. He told the officer that the waste-pipe in his flat building had obstructed. When he had asked his neighbor, Joachim Kroll, regardless of whether he realized what had been obstructing the pipe, Kroll had basically answered; "Guts". After hearing this, the police went up to Kroll's loft. There they found the body of the Kettner young lady, cut up. A few sections of her were in the ice chest, a little hand was cooking in a container of bubbling water and the guts were discovered stuck in the waste-pipe. 

Joachim Kroll was quickly captured.

Joachim Kroll


On February 8th in 1955 – Irmgard Strehl, 19, raped and stabbed to death. Her disemboweled body was found in a barn in Lüdinghausen.

June 16th in 1959 – Klara Frieda Tesmer, 24, murdered in the meadows of the Rhine, near Rheinhausen. A mechanic, Heinrich Ott, was arrested for the crime. He hanged himself in jail.

July 26th in 1959 – Manuela Knodt, 16, raped and strangled in the City Park of Essen. Slices of flesh were carved from her buttocks and thighs.

1962 – Barbara Bruder, 12, abducted in Burscheid. Her body was never found.

April 23rd in 1962 – Petra Giese, 13, raped and strangled in Dinslaken-Bruckhausen. Vinzenz Kuehn is arrested and convicted.

June 4th in 1962 – Monika Tafel, 12, killed in Walsum. Slices of flesh carved from her buttocks. Walter Quicker is arrested for the crime. He is released but is driven by neighbors to suicide in October.

August 22nd in 1965 – Hermann Schmitz and his girlfriend Marion Veen were attacked as they sat in a car in a lover’s lane in Duisburg-Großenbaum. Hermann – Kroll’s only male victim – was killed, but Marion escaped.

September 13th in 1966 – Ursula Rohling, strangled in Foersterbusch Park near Marl. Her boyfriend, Adolf Schickel, committed suicide after being falsely accused of the crime.

December 22nd in 1966 – Ilona Harke, aged 5, raped and drowned in a ditch in Wuppertal.

July 12th in 1969 – Maria Hettgen, 61, raped and strangled at Hückeswagen.

May 21st in 1970 – Jutta Rahn, 13, strangled walking home from a train station. Peter Schay was arrested and eventually released. He confessed to the crime in 1976 after being hounded by his neighbors.

1976 – Karin Toepfer, 10, raped and strangled in Voerde.

July 3rd in 1976 – Marion Ketter, 4. Parts of her body were in the process of being simmered when Joachim Kroll was arrested.