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These people is asking for help... they can't go ahead and find the easiest, painless, quickest solution to end everything.
Ok this is somehow human, at least we can understand these ones... the disturbing part is that somebody answer and gives the solution for that... with the different ways of suicide, different styles, different know-how... unbelievable.

by the way.. obviously no real name on the forum, everybody is named John Doe. 
Take a look at this:

JOHN DOE: hi there
please suggest me an effective and simple way to suicide and don't tell me to read other thread cus its tldr
my english isn't so good so please use easy words
▶John Doe  12/05/16 (Mon) 08:33:13 

i am fucked up and has no money
▶John Doe  12/05/16 (Mon) 13:11:22 
Buy a strong rope that can support your weight. And hang yourself.
▶John Doe  12/05/16 (Mon) 14:17:15 
Exit bag with inert gas. Use argon with regulator.

or another one...

"I think I'm done John Doe  11/28/16 (Mon) 06:19:49 
As the title says, I think I'm at the end of the proverbial rope. I kind of wish I could go get more heroin and die high, but I can't afford to get heroin and the gun, and I don't feel like doing the whole drive required for a dope run, so I think it's just the gun. I feel like an asshole, but I can't handle this shit anymore.
▶John Doe  11/30/16 (Wed) 08:32:52 8db086 No.20234
Good luck and godspeed.
▶John Doe  12/02/16 (Fri) 21:50:17 ea8068 No.20263
I wanted to kill myself when all I had for a computer was an Acer too.

and an incredible image attached to this... the list of the suicide notes for everybody.
suicide notes

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