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The Definitive top 10 Horror Movies of 2016 The Definitive top 10 Horror Movies of 2016

OK, the year is ending and we've made a list of what we liked the most. If you agree or if you don't please comment your opinion here or in the Horror Galore facebook page. 10. The Autopsy of Jane Doe Cox and Hirsch play father and son coroners who receive a mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death. As they attempt to identify the beautiful young "Jane Doe," they discover increasingly bizarre clues that hold the key to her terrifying secrets. 9. Don't Breathe In Detroit, the burglars Money, Rocky and Alex plot a heist in the isolated house of a Blind Man, who received a large amount when his... Read More

Frankenstein 2015 - Bernard Rose Frankenstein 2015

Hollywood is obsessed with creating contemporary adaptations of legends and horror stories. According to List Challenges, there are 55 Frankenstein themed movies, which most people would agree seems rather excessive. Frankenstein has proven to be a popular story to be retold, beginning with Mary Shelley’s original plot in 1818 which inspired the first short film in 1910, followed by numerous other revivals throughout the 20th century. Since then, Frankenstein and his monster have been reinterpreted into television series like Penny Dreadful, which aired on Showtime, as well as games like Frankenstein that is currently hosted by... Read More

The House of "Amityville Horror" movie is sold? The House of "Amityville Horror" movie is sold?

This past June iHorror broke the news that The real Amityville Horror House had been put up for sale. A week ago {November 13th} marked the anniversary of the grisly murders at what was then known as 112 Ocean Avenue. Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed the members of his family in the large Dutch Colonial house situated in a suburban neighborhood in Amityville. DeFeo Jr. was convicted of second-degree murder in November 1975. Over the years speculation grew as to if Defeo Jr. acted out this heinous crime with an accomplice, or two. With the countless books and films, The Amityville Horror has made its dark, bloody mark in... Read More

Johnny Depp to Resurrect The Invisible Man Johnny Depp to Resurrect The Invisible Man

Title: Johnny Depp To Resurrect The Invisible Man When Universal first released The Invisible Man back in 1933, the material was actually somewhat fresh. It was based on a sci-fi/horror novel by H.G. Wells that had been published in 1897, meaning it was really among the first mainstream book-to-screen adaptations of old Hollywood. The film, which you can actually find in its entirety online, was a success, viewed both as an artful interpretation of Wells's work and as a strong standalone movie. It also fit in with Universal's broader tendency to produce monster films—and that's why it's become particularly relevant again today.... Read More

William Friedkin talks about Special FX in Movies William Friedkin talks about Special FX in Movies

William Friedkin, the famous director of The Exorcist, introduced the opening of the Lucca Film Festival with a fantastic speech about cinema, music, Giacomo Puccini and the impact of special effects in cinema. Friedkin came to Lucca with his wonderful wife Sherry Lansing (former manager for Paramount and Fox) and presented his old film "Sorcerer" that was really successful to the audience. Afterwards the director spent several minutes to talk about his love about Giacomo Puccini and his music and how modern it is. William Friedkin was a really original, funny and pleasant guest for the festival. You can see here his... Read More

Goodnight Mommy most scary movie The Most Scary Horror Movies of the 2015

The horror genre was doing great this year. Whether we saw genre filmmakers flip convention on its bloody head or screened modern-day thrillers with a classic horror vibe, there were enough freaky flicks to haunt everyone’s best of list. Here are the 10 scariest movies of 2015. 10. UNFRIENDED This SXSW festival hit about a group of teens who spend way too much time online was a welcome surprise. True, its synopsis is laughable: A group chat’s members are offed by a supernatural cyber intruder (aka Internet ghost). But thanks to some pretty imaginative kills, courtesy of Nelson Greave’s script, and the authentic split-... Read More

Horror star Irwin Keyes dies aged 63 Horror star Irwin Keyes dies aged 63

Irwin Keyes has died at the age of 63. The Hollywood actor - who was best known for his work in 'House Of 1000 Corpses' and 'Intolerable Cruelty' passed away on Wednesday (07.08.15) in Playa del Rey, California, after suffering complications from acromegaly, a rare gland disorder. The star's niece, Rene Galarza, announced the sad news on her Facebook page. She posted: "It's with deep sympathy that I'm writing this post. Early this morning my family was informed that our beloved uncle, brother, teammate and friend, Irwin Keyes, has had his last curtain call. "He is now an angel for us all and will be watching down.... Read More

Halloween Returns . The sequel directed by Marcus Dunstan Halloween Returns. The sequel directed by Marcus Dunstan

The new sequel to the movie, 'Halloween,' has begun production and the movie entitled 'Halloween Returns,' is set to hit the screens soon. Dimension Films and Trancas International Films have announced that the production for the sequel will begin in July. The movie, which will be the 11th film in the Michael Myers franchise, is going to be directed by Marcus Dunstan, with the script co-written by Patrick Melton. According to a report on Variety, the team worked on the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh 'Saw' movies. The movie is being produced by Malek Akkad with Matthew Stein as executive producer. "Michael... Read More

Jennifer Connelly Young 20 Famous Actresses Who Got Their Start In Horror Movies

Eva Mendes Movie: Children Of The Corn V: Fields Of Terror (1998) If you were female, and named Eva Mendes, which would you prefer folks acknowledge as your first real big-screen introduction: going topless in Training Day, or pledging allegiance to that bratty little Satanist Ezekiel in the perfunctory horror sequel Children Of The Corn V: Fields Of Terror? You’d choose the first, of course, because that one at least starred Denzel Washington and won him his long overdue Best Actor Academy Award. As for the straight-to-DVD Corn flick, it’s the kind of shitty, low-grade dud that bores people who come across it on cable,... Read More

Watch HORROR MOVIES for FREE on Youtube Now You can Watch HORROR MOVIES for FREE on Youtube

YouTube has introduced a new free movies service after successfully striking a deal with US-based Studios like Lionsgate, MGM and Sony Pictures as well as Blinkbox in the UK.  A catalog of full length 400 movies that include both Hollywood and Bollywood flicks is available at Full length movies were already available on YouTube but only for select regions. Now, it's been made available to the entire world. From a number of Jackie Chan movies, to classic horror movies like Night of the Living Dead, loads of movies can be watched on-demand for free. Donagh O'Malley, YouTube head of... Read More


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