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10 Cloverfield Lane review

10 Cloverfield Lane


At the point when Cloverfield touched base on the extra large screen in 2008, nothing was thought about the J J Abrams-delivered beast film. 

No curve balls there: from the web fuelled tricks encompassing TV demonstrate Lost to the express lockdown on spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Abrams delights in conjuring up secret and interest. 

Indeed, even by all accounts, be that as it may, new film 10 Cloverfield Lane was made under a cover of ­military-review mystery. Indeed, even the cast didn't comprehend what they were taping – it... Read More

The Operator Review

The Operator: Always Watching


Chief James Moran makes his component make a big appearance here in the wake of filling in as an AD on various outstanding blood and gore movies (counting the initial three Paranormal Activity continuations), and the primary oversight made was relinquishing everything that made the arrangement awesome. There gives off an impression of being no information or innovative control given to DeLage and Magner, which was a noteworthy oversight. The subtlety and moderate form is consequently gone on the grounds that the wordy arrangement is out. The lo-fi look and feel is... Read More

The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon


I’d be remiss not mention Jena Malone’s performance, which many will likely call “brave” and provocative for one scene in particular, but she deserves credit for the less flashy scenes as well. At any given moment the supporting women threaten to steal the movie from the protagonist, which is ironic considering the narrative. Needless to say everyone is well cast, even Reeves who provides much needed humour and levity just by being there.

The Neon Demon is not for the... Read More

Holidays - horror movie



Don't let the trailers fool you, this was not a fun movie to watch.
I had high hopes for a fun, comedic horror film anthology when I saw Seth Green in the trailer and Kevin Smith was attached, but it was an incredible disappointment that was difficult to finish. It seemed like in order to include your film in this anthology you had to write the script while high, since they seemed to give off a drug induced vibe.
They were written poorly with bad dialogue, stupid stories, and directed like someone who thought they were pretty darn special. The stories were... Read More

Green Inferno - Eli Roth

Green Inferno


I must admit The Green Inferno had such promise.  I heard a lot about it before the screening, and was obviously thrilled at the Cannibal Holocaust comparison. 

It’s such a shame that I didn’t enjoy this more than I did.

It’s got a strong start, setting the scene nicely up in this bitch (you’ll get that later – line of the year, ammaright Mitch?), beginning with a well executed plane crash scene, which seemed to genuinely impress all.  Then followed some actually scary, skin crawling action when the kids meet the villagers.  This is where it lost me.  What... Read More

It Follows


“Where ever you are, it’s somewhere. Walking straight for you but it is walking. If you drive far enough you can buy yourself some time to think decide if you want to give it to somebody else.”

Finally! A horror movie warning about the serious dangers of STDs, sexually transmitted demons. I had concerns going into this film based solely on that premise however I was pleasantly surprised by the film as a whole. It focuses on building suspense, like the great classic horror films, instead of just trying to use blood splatter and gore to shock screams from the... Read More

Amityville Theater


In my opinion, it seemed to keep a little history of Amityville. They used a Ouija board like back in the old Amityville Horror movie. This movie had hardly anything to do with Amityville except that it was in Amityville, NY. Other than that, this had really nothing to do with the history of the house at all. The soundtrack and music in the movie should have had some trace back to Amityville with as far as the theme. Some parts were cool and crazy. Altogether, this movie was ok. That is my review. It is short because I have nothing much else to say. 

Mockingbird movie



I have always believed that it’s not always the way the movie ends that matters, it’s how you get there. While it’s true that many a bad ending have ruined films for me in the past, it isn’t always the case. Of course it’s ideal that the viewer be left in the dark when it comes to big twist endings that everyone will be talking about; but if the film is strong enough throughout, the setup should be as important than the ultimate payoff. In real life, when people are faced with the things similar to what we see in horror films, there isn’t always closure. It’s probably... Read More

The Babadook

The Babadook


The fear present in The Babadook is almost unfounded. It's hard to remember the last time a potent, eerie mood piece fit this much terror within its walls - both physically and psychologically. Not that films today don't have the power of scaring their audience, it's just that the effect is surface-layer for the most part, easy to shake off because of a certain distance to be attained. In other words, the fear is so within its own horror genre that once taken out the fact that it's a film meant to scare, it does nothing. The Babadook masterfully allows... Read More

Contracted the Movie



What a magic little gem this is and one which will make you think twice about having a one night stand! My only complaint about this one is that it didn’t run long enough and ended too abruptly. I wanted more. This movie runs along a similar vein as Thanatomorphose where a young girl becomes infected with a virus and her body begins to fall apart. 
Though nowhere near as graphic as Thanatomorphose, there are enough differences between both movies to make them unique. This story is about Samantha who is a lesbian and after breaking up with her girlfriend attends a... Read More