Ghost Theory


An Indie Video-Game First-Person, Adventure, Horror Taking you on "Ghost-Hunting and "Paranormal-Research" Featuring Real-World haunted locations!

From "Prague" "Czech" "Dreadlocks Ltd" We give you today the game "Ghost Theory"

"Dreadlocks Ltd" that developed before "Rune Legend" Formed in 2011 And it's most recent Release, "Dex", an action Role-Playing Game! Even though this is a horror game, ghosts won't appear without provocation! Your task is to find out ghosts and to meet their objectives You'll have many Gadgets, interacting with objects! And you'll see so much more horror! The game'll be released on "PS4", "PC" and "XONE" At Q4 2017 "Be patient! Explore! Observe!" These are the words of "Professor Frost" Your mentor and head of the department of Paranormal activities research! You'll enter Homes and discover some paranormal activities And to see if you can some ghosts! As you progress in your search "Special-Engineers" will furnish you with new types of gadgets and upgraded versions of equipment you already have! Sudden drops in temperature indicate the close proximity of a supernatural presence When you close your eyes as you touch an object, the visions come! You will experience flashbacks associated with an object's history You have the "Clairvoyance" ability Every time you complete a mission you return to your "University-Base" to hand in your results to your team! Samples and evidence are then examined, evaluated and processed by a team of scientists and engineers! The audiovisual aspect of the game is also set to receive the utmost attention! And another thing, ghosts won't be mere 3D models Instead, real-life actors are captured with a stereoscopic 3D camera and using green screen technology! The entities are then seamlessly integrated into the game environment, making the ghosts expressive and spine-chilling! The game is not focused on Ghosts hunting! But to investigate real haunted sites, collect samples and gather evidence! "Australia" is represented in the game like "Monte Cristo homestead" And some areas from other places too Like Italy's abandoned "Poveglia Island" "Goldfield Hotel" in "America"! And of course a number of the creepy Eastern European forests and ancient castles! Ghost Theory is an Indie Videogame Developer Dreadlocks is already seeking approval from various haunted sites for their inclusion in the game! Working with ghost tour agencies and ghost hunting groups to collect both information and real-life recordings! Ghost Theory is currently going through funding on "Kickstarter" An earlier "Kickstarter" campaign for the game was cancelled after raising only 16 per cent of its funding goal within 2 days! "Ghost Theory" is planned for a multiplatform release on "Windows", "Mac", "Linux", "XBOX One" and "PS4" 




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