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Short Biography: 
A versatile performer with a chameleon-like ability to transform herself with each role, Erika acts regularly on the New York stage, film and television. Often cast as the sweet, sexy girl next door or the sultry femme fatale, Miss Smith also has a natural gift for comedy and is often seen in comedic roles. Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Erika was inspired to pursue a career in the arts after seeing GONE WITH THE WIND at age 12, discovering Elvis at age 15 and Bob Dylan somewhere in between. She studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse with Ron Stetson, comedy at the Upright Citizen's Brigade and singing at Hunter College, earning a BFA in Vocal Performance. She cut her teeth in off-off-Broadway and black box theaters, playing characters as diverse as Amy Fisher to Susan Smith in MEDEA MACHINE to Nora in A DOLL'S HOUSE. Erika was first noticed by the film community for her role in the cult comedy BITE ME! She got serious for SINFUL, then learned German to play Hedda in BACHELOR PARTY 2. Finally, with her role in Darren Aronofsky’s THE WRESTLER, Erika began to take on some higher profile projects. She verbally sparred with Gilbert Gottfried in HYSTERICAL PSYCHO, shared the screen with Charles Durning in iMURDERS, and took the stage once again opposite Lorenzo Lamas in DRACULA. Upcoming projects include: the film noir RAIN FALLS, the dramatic feature FAKE, and the ensemble comedy THE 'A' PLATE. Bearing an uncanny likeness and fascination with screen legend Marilyn Monroe, Erika has made a name for herself as a Marilyn Monroe tribute artist. She has traveled the world performing as Monroe, recently returning from Egypt, and has performed for celebrities such as Donna Karan and Sir Paul McCartney. Erika has also recently begun to establish herself as a writer, penning a handful of projects such as: the comedic web series MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, the cabaret comedy SCREEN SIRENS and the off-Broadway SEXTACULAR! SEXTACULAR! Her first feature film effort ROOM FOR RENT, a comedy which she will star in alongside co-writer Rachael Robbins, is currently in pre-production.
The Interview: 

We are extremely proud to introduce you Erika Smith, and incredible actress and singer and writer and what else... oh well, a really smart and beautiful woman. Thanks Erika for being so willing with us.

Q:Erika Smith, actress, singer, writer, what else ?


Q: The first time i saw you it was on Vault of Terror II by Sean Weathers which is an horror b-movie and i realized you have a big connection with horror movies… it’s been your choice or just happened?

It just happened.  One of my first paying acting jobs was the horror b-movie "Bite Me!" The production company, Pop Cinema, put me in a lot of their horror films after that.  Then other horror producers saw those films and asked me to do their films, actors I worked with referred me to other films they were working on and vice versa and it built up that way.  The b-horror community is a fairly small, tightly knit community so we all get to know each other and work together at some point, it's been great like that.     

Q: You’ve been acting as Marylin Monroe a lot in your career and i always loved her. I think she’s been the most beautiful and iconic woman ever. Do you feel any special connection with her?

I've certainly tried to relate to her and get inside her head as a role that I'm playing.  In that sense I feel connected to her as an actress struggling to make her way in the entertainment business and hold on to her dignity and artistry and as a woman struggling to love herself and deal with various romantic entanglements.  Since I do profit from playing her, I feel an obligation to portray her with dignity and class and perhaps show a different side to her story, a more human story, whenever I can.  And I admire her talent, style, humor, spirit and hustle.

Q: I heard you singing and i find your voice extremely beautiful, did you ever have the chance to sing in a movie? Tell us about your singer career and projects

I've sung in a few movies here and there.  I would love to play a role as a showgirl or a cabaret singer where I could showcase that more like Marilyn in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Some Like It Hot, or Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel or even Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles.  As for current music projects, I'm recording an album of original music now.  My style is sort of Lana Del Rey meets Sade.  I also have a jazz group called Afterglow I play live with around the city.

Q: Sometimes you play sexy roles, what do your partners think about that? Ever had a jealous one?

I've had one or two.  Most of my partners have understood that this is just a job, and appearing scantily clad or in a love scene where I'm making out with my costar just comes with the territory and doesn't mean anything beyond getting the shot and telling the story (and selling tickets).  Well, most of the time lol.  The truth is, if he's keeping me happy at home, there's really no need to be jealous.  Some men are so insecure, they get intimidated and controlling and conjure up a lot of stuff in their head that's just not reality.  I am understanding to a point, but after awhile constantly reassuring someone is a huge turn-off.  Or maybe they want to be the only man to see me in my underwear, in which case, there's probably going to be a lot of other things we clash over, other than that, if that's his mentality.   

Q: Want to tell to our audience a little bit about your personal life story? this site have a section about real horror stories… did you ever experienced something really creepy in your life?

Oh yes, I've seen a couple ghosts.  The first time was when I was 16.  I was having a nightmare where I was in a speeding car about to crash and with no control over the car.  I was trying to wake myself up from the nightmare and sit up in bed but there was something holding me down.  I was able to open my eyes and see that there was this whitish, transparent, goblin looking thing crouching on my chest, holding me down.  I eventually was able to throw him off me and sit up and wake up from the nightmare.  Years later I read that there is a specific kind of demon that targets teenage girls, and it has a sexual angle to it, like the demon is trying to get inside their body and possess them.  There's a Bob Marley song about this, "Duppy Conqueror."  Since I was able to throw the demon off me, I guess I'm a duppy conqueror lol.  Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe he did get inside me, that would explain a lot.  I'm getting really spooked right now just remembering this, next question please!!!!!

Q: Do you believe in paranormal, ghosts, daemons and such?

Okay this isn't helping.  Yes absolutely.  Karma and synchronicity and manifestation and telepathy, all of that stuff.  There's this Amy Schumer sketch that pokes fun of people that think the Universe is directly sending them messages, well that's me lol.  She got me dammit.

Q: Our audience want to know about your horror tastes… what’s your favorite horror movie and, if possible, your favorite director?

The Shining, Stanley Kubrick.

Q: being this site about horror movies, we want to know who is your favorite screaming queen.

My bff Rachael Robbins was pretty bad ass in Scavenger Killers and Bleeding Hearts, she also wrote both of those films.  She's great in those films because she reminds me of classic horror movie heroines like Janet Leigh in Psycho and Tippi Hedren in The Birds.  I also love Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson and Vampira and Morticia Adams.

Q: As usual we have this final question: Share a dream with us. about your work or anything else.

I dream of eating chocolate caramel mousse cake with a mushy center, spaghetti and ice cream for every meal and not getting fat.  I dream of being married and divorced 8 times, and having affairs with a sexy gardener, a pool boy and a UPS man.  I dream of men being able to give birth so I don't have to.  I dream of going on an Eat, Pray, Love style vacation to Europe and sleeping with some men who don't speak English and finding the meaning of life.  I dream of having a good hair day every day and lastly I dream of world peace.  Sorry, that's like 12 dreams... I was inspired by the watching the GOP debates where they get asked one thing and respond with whatever they want.  I dream of a sexy man who is into politics... okay this could go on forever... Speaking of politics, since I'm still holding the conch, I dream of Hillary becoming president, but more importantly, I dream of women politicians not just wearing the "women's version" of a man's suit.  I dream of them wearing sexy cool dresses and looking fashionable.  I dream of better female politician fashion.


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