Scarlet Fry talks about Scream Machine

Scarlet Fry talks about Scream Machine

Short Biography: 
I started making films in the late 1980's My first film was called Scarlet fry's Horrorama & was SOV and saw a short limited VHS release, Later I went on to make scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest which got two distribution deals first with Brain damage films who released it only on a Multi pack & then It got a single release with Chemical Burn Entertainment when I retained the rights, Junkfood also featured Alice Cooper's Daughter Calico Cooper in one of her first genre acting roles. I later released Nightmare Alley also with Brain Damage Films. Next was Death By VHS with Worldwide Multi Media & now Scream Machine which features Lloyd Kaufman this will be released in Summer of 2015. I also directed a Faux Trailer for a film which is to be released around Halloween time Called The Gardener & is Part of a movie Called Grindsploitation which features tons of indie directors & some top named genre actors Like P.J Soles from Halloween & More. Ive also acted in a few genre film Satan's Storybook 1989 which is huge with VHS collectors right now, Gross Out with Carl Crew & Bill Osco, Blood Moon Rising which I got to play a zombie who squirt Zombie puss all over Ron Jeremy & Voices from the Grave which is also due out this year & features a short film Written By Howling author Gary Brandner Voices from the grave is a supernatural anthology & should also be out soon.
The Interview: 

Here we go with another juicy interview for Horror Galore. When you thought it was safe to relax and let out your breath, the evil genius of Walter Ruether III aka Scarlet Fry makes itself known once more in the shape of Scream Machine’s five bloody twisted tales, and we will talk about that with him today.

Q: Let’s talk about your movie, Scream Machine, it’s made in episodes… is there any fil-rouge connecting them? tell us about the stories.?

Scarlet-Each story is it's own thing, they are not meant to be connected to one another they are 5 separate stories, we wanted to give the viewer a lot of entertainment and a various buffet as you will of movies, you got the classic slasher revenge, then a demented dahmer bit that is half based on a true storywhich is very disturbing, then with April folls party you get a very fun piece, then a claustrophobic terrifying bit with septic shock, and finally a throwback Grindhouse bit we wanted to do something for everybody.

Q: when you see the movie 2 words pop up in your mind: ORIGINAL-GROTESQUE. Do you love this kind of style in horror movies in general?

Scarlet- Yes it's hard to do something original thats why i love anthologies because if you do 5 stories, then you get 5 chances to do something original & you get to be as grotesque as you want, in some stories we were a lot more grotesque then we were in others, but there are not many people out there that dont follow trends whether it's vampires or ghost stories, I make sure that i do original stuff & dont try to fit into trends.

Q: when i see an horror in episodes i immediately think about the classic master-piece Tales from the Crypt. Did you have the inspiration for your movie from one of those cults?

Scarlet-Of course I love Tales From the Crypt, I also love stuff like the Twilight Zone & Those old anthologies like Creepshow & the older Amicus films stuff Like From Beyond the Grave, Asylum & The Vault of Horror

Q: lloyd Kaufman have a small part but you can feel he’s important for the movie. How did you have the chance to work with him?

Scarlet -A mutual friend & filmmaker Derek young was grateful to me for getting him a movie deal for his first film Family Property Backwoods Killing spree & he is friends with Lloyd kaufman, I asked him if he could help me get Lloyd tom appear in Scream Machine & to my surprise 2 weeks later I got the email that Lloyd was in, It was a great moment in my Filmmaking career because Lloyd kaufman was always a big influence on my films.

Q: “Sledgehammer,” “Cannibal Pen Pals,” “April Fool’s Party,” “Septic Shock,” and “Deadly Indie Drive-In.” the 5 tales, which one you love the best?

Scarlet- I think I like Deadly Indie Drive In the Most because we were able to construct a set that looks like a real drive in and do somethings that were very amazing like bring the actor in & out of the Drive in Movie who goes on a Killing spree, It was a lot of illusion and magical filmmaking so that is my favorite.

Q: Tell us about your horror tastes… what’s your favorite horror movie and, if possible, your favorite director?

Scarlet-My Favorite Horror movie you would never guess is the original Frankenstein, my favorite director is Herschell Gordon Lewis I've always loved his approach to filmmaking & he doesn't get enough credit. He is The Godfather of gore & was the first guy to do just about everything you see in horror movies today. Im also a huge fan of guys like John Waters & Roger Corman.

Q: Many shots in the movie are really explicit. You re not scared about the distributions opinions about that? You think your movie could be penalized?

Scarlet-I dont worry about that because in all my movies I can look at them & refer you to something much worse then anything I've ever done, although I would be honored to end up on the Video nasties List haha.

Q: The movie is quite gory… are you a gore-horror-cinema lover?

Scarlet- I don't think you need gore to make a good Horror film, But I am a huge Gore fan yes. I love those Italian Directors Like Lucio Fulci & dario Argento who made Great films that also had great Gore you can do both if done right.

Q: Want to tell to our audience a little bit about your personal life story? This site has a section about real horror stories… did you ever experience something really creepy in your life?

Scarlet - Yes I have but those are things that are more on the personal side, I have seen & expirienced things that no man should ever have to go through.

Q: Money… this is an indie movie. It is always difficult to find money for this kind of work. Did you use some fundraising campaign?

Scarlet- yes we used indie-gogo & did two separate fundraising campaigns. We made this film in 6 months which was a record for me.

Q: Share a dream with us. About your work or anything else.

Scarlet- Id love to be killed in a Friday the 13th movie & one day Id like to be popular enough to get invited to sign or appear at Horror conventions.


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