Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir - a great Short Movie

Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir - a great Short Movie

David E. Munz-Maire’s new short film, “Chateau Sauvignon” is a very nice piece of work. There’s just one problem with it. It’s only 13 minutes long...

"Chateau Sauvignon: terroir" follows Nicolas, the isolated adolescent son of a ruined vintner family, who finds himself torn between obeying his boorish father and saving his ailing mother.

Chateau Sauvignon Terroir film

When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive for a wine tasting, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help his mother and prove his worth to his father. However, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse, putting his family's secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed.

Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir

Like I said, it’s a great piece of work with expertly handled camera work, direction, sound cues, acting. The short movie is collecting several awards in Europe, pointing out the great talent of the director Munz-Maire whose style reminds us the best cult directors of the last century. It's not that usual to find such a good suspance and thrilling in a young director's short work.

As you can read on the interview that the director made with us: " I was unbelievably lucky with Michael Lorz, as he opened up to me about darker times in his adolescence, and allowed me to rehash those feelings to prompt and trigger various reactions during filming. I feel unbelievably fortunate that he was comfortable enough with me to tell me those personal stories, and really, that’s what making a film is all about – trust" and he is incredibly true - Lorz is been just amazing in the movie... it could be the birth of a new star.

By allowing each filmmaker free rein, there is the tendency to touch upon similar iconography again and again about blood suckers,vampires and such... but the french country atmosphere and the original mix between dark suggestions and sunday-afternoon pic-nic stories inside Chateau Sauvignon make the movie an original new kind of romantic family tale. 

"Chateau Sauvignon" gets my vote as something I'd watch again. I liked the basic concept, the set design was gorgeous, visual effects spot-on, special makeup effects worthy of big budget movies and was overall a creepy way to pass 13 minutes.

I would recommend keeping an eye on the work of the David Munz-Maire as he could be the next big thing in horror.



Michael Lorz as Nicolas Herznoire

Sean Weil as Patrick Herznoire

Anthony del Negro as Anthony Kostopoulos

Nancy Nagrant as Katherine Kostopoulos

Pooya Mohseni as Eartha Herznoire

Rob Eletto as Anthony Stand-In


Writen & Directed by David E. Munz-Maire

Co-Writer: Allyssa S. Rivera-Cabrero

Produced by Rob Eletto, David E. Munz-Maire, Carlos Valdivia & Jayesh Hariharan