The medium Stanislava P. and materialisations

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These excerpts are from the part of Phenomena of Materialisation that presents supplementary work and subsidiary material pertaining to Dr. Von Schrenck Notzing's research and experiences following the publication in 1914 of the first German edition of the book, Materialisations Phaenomene.  In the part of the book that was initially published, the reader may compare the photos documenting the materialization (or 'physical') mediumship of Eva. C. (in the following photos seen wearing a black veil with a mesh one-twelfth of an inch wide) with those of Stanislava P.  One correlation is shown in the old photo.

There is a broad, thick, rough, and consistent white strand, resembling an arm, the fundamental structure of which, as shown by the enlargement, appears to be granular.  No pattern of any organic or technical fabric is to be seen.  The exterior surface is partly striped, irregular, and rough.  At the end of the mass, which broadens below, there are three quite coarsely designed fingers, one of which, the index, is stretched, while the two others are bent.