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The Unexplained Picture in The Baement

The Creepy Unexplained Picture in The Baement


This photo was taken in my basement. My sister took it and showed me. There is no explanation for the happening or anything. We have no idea who it was although it could be my grandmother. My sister sent me the photo and the only thing done was cropping out the stairs. This is a real actual photo. We all slept together that night: Me, my sister, her boyfriend, and my cousin. We also smelled my grandmother's perfume as well. We aren't sure if it was her or the previous owners who had died here. There is not much to this story, but that seems to be the most weirdest and coldest place in my house. Always by the basement door, we get the chills. If anything else comes up, it will be posted. 

The Ferocious Murder of Sylvia Likens, the TRUE story

The Ferocious Murder of Sylvia Likens, the TRUE story


Gertrude Baniszewski lived in Indianapolis with her seven children. Since she had a tiny income, Baniszewski took in children for the Summer to earn extra money. In 1965, she agreed to board sixteen years old Sylvia Likens and her sister Jenny, who was a year younger. They were the children of two circus workers who were about to go on tour operating a concession stand. Jenny was disabled and could not move about very much (Gertrude Baniszewski cynically thought that a 'cripple' would be an undemanding boarder); perhaps the Likens' decision to spare their daughters from the wandering lifestyle of the circus was influenced by Jennie's condition? Perhaps they wanted time by themselves to patch up their marriage? Their relationship had been through a bad patch (... Read More