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Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm

The Story of Bella in the Wych Elm. Unbelievable.


On April 18, 1943, four boys were out poaching in Hagley Wood, located in the village of Hagley in Worcestershire, England. There, they found a witch-hazel tree (sometimes mistaken for a wych elm), which they thought would serve as a good place to hunt for bird nests. One of the boys, Bob Farmer, climbed up to check it out. That’s when he found a hollow opening in the tree’s trunk. A pair of empty eye sockets from within stared back at him, and at first he thought it was just the skull of an animal. He reached in and picked it up. It was human. A small fragment of skin and hair clung to its rotted surface, and crooked human teeth were clearly visible. Farmer dropped the skull back into the hollow trunk, and the four boys ran back to town. Since they found... Read More