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Cop shoots Terrance Walker in Oklahoma

Cop shoots a Black Man in Oklahoma


Oklahoma police have discharged film recorded on an officer's body camera of police lethally shooting a suspect on January 17.  The camera, strapped to Muskogee cop Chansey McMillin, catches the officer approach and start to look a man distinguished as 21-year-old Terrance Walker.  "Why you shaking for? Unwind," McMillin says subsequent to inquiring as to whether he has any weapons.  Seconds after the fact, Walker starts to escape as McMillin gives pursue. The presume drops something on the ground and twists down to lift it up. It is indistinct in the video what he drops, yet police say it is a weapon. At the point when the presume begins to run once more, the officer shoot five shots.  "From all that we can find in the video, the... Read More