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Baby laugh a-lot commercial creepy

The Most CREEPY tv commercial ever seen


This is probably the most creepy tv commercial ever seen. The present toy advertisements aren't impeccable yet at any rate they don't give you bad dreams. The one beneath, for Remco's 1971 toy Baby Laugh-a-Lot, is not something your children ever need to see. The blood and guts film style altering and the unsettled voiceover unquestionably don't offer assistance. Truth be told, the main thing more unnerving than Baby Laugh-a-Lot may be Baby Laugh-a-Lot with her batteries running low.  

10 Most Scary True Stories about Haunted Dolls

10 Most Scary True Stories about Haunted Dolls


JOLIET Joliet is a doll who has stayed in one cursed family for generations. For a grand total of 4 generations, the doll has cursed all the women in my family. It seems, every woman in the family gives birth to two children, a girl and a boy. But sadly, the son always dies under mysterious circumstances on the 3rd day of his life. The curse began when Joliet the doll was given to a woman by her vengeful friend. After getting the doll, the woman gave birth to a boy only to have him die on the third day. The doll is thought to be a vessel for all the lost babies over the years. Screams and infant noises can be heard from the doll at night. ELMO It’s hard to believe that the beloved Elmo doll could be haunted but unfortunately, an Elmo haunting was a real... Read More