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Creepy Numbers, Scary numbers to call on the phone

Creepy Numbers, Scary numbers to call on the phone


At the same time as there are such a lot of mysterious unknown things which happen each and each day, there are many matters that most people, in reality doesn’t know approximately. And, there are numerous unexplained telephone numbers which exist, for a number of weird motives. A lot of them are downright creepy, to say the least. Here's a list of various creepy smartphone numbers, human beings can strive calling in the event that they dare to. Be warned however, a number of these may or may not collect information about you. As with any phone that comes your way everyday, be cautious of scammers available trying to scouse borrow your non-public info. In determined instances, people are turning to determined measures. in case you keep on receiving bizarre... Read More

Based on a True Story Movies - Hidden Figures

The ‘Based on a True Story’ Phrase: Does it Work?


Ever been to a movie and found this phrase right at the beginning of it? Did it make you wonder as to how the story would shape up? Based on a true story is one of those catchy phrases that have little effect on a movie on viewers than producers think. But this doesn't go without recognizing that there are some cool movies that have captured the viewers that are based on a true story. Of course, the movies have gone through a twist to suit the silver screen or fill in the gaps where the story felt thin. The  based on a true story movie legacy makes people want to watch the movie more.  The Top ‘Based on a True Story’ Movies So, how did these movies fare when it came to the box office? And how true were they when it came to the story depiction... Read More

Real Truth Behind The Exorcist Movie


I remember talking to my older sister on the phone about the experience. She lived in St. Louis, and I soon started finding newspaper clippings from her in the newsy letters she sent me. The clippings were from the St. Louis local papers, and they claimed that the fictional account was based on a true event that happened in St. Louis. I saw the movie, “The Exorcist,” at Ft. Hood, Texas, in one of the nice on-post movie theaters they had there the year of the movie’s release. We were encouraged to go see it by those that had already done so, but they gave fair warning that it had scared the wits out of them. I am talking about big, brave, tough, military men. Some of them had admitted having trouble getting a good night’s sleep after seeing it. This is how it... Read More