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10 signs of a Ghost Presence around You

5 signs of a Ghost Presence around You

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1. STRANGE NOISES Strange noises are the most typical sign of ghosts presence, natural or supernatural can depend sometimes from hold houses...and how about footsteps in an empty house? If you want to have things clear just write down the timing when noises arrive, are they regular or just random? and what about other people? do they hear them too? 2. THE ODD BEHAVIOR OF PETS Did you realize that your cat is always staring into some strange place for several minutes or that the cat behave like there's somebody in the room? Cats have different senses and they can feel other creatures or entities. There are several documented cases of pets discerning ghosts and spirits in the past. Cats are psychic. 3. EVERY NIGHT YOU WAKE UP AT 3 AM Mediums say that... Read More

Anna Maria Galanti

Italian Medium Freaks Out and Curses a Guy on the Phone


Her name is Anna Maria Galanti and she is an italian medium. She used to have a show on a local tv network where she predicts the future for people on the phone. This guy is calling to make a joke to her... and when he call her c**k s****r she gets totally mad and curses him very bad this is funny and scary at the same time... after he calls her names and keep laughing she starts with her creepy curse. Check next page for the original video