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Tara Leigh Calico

Tara Leigh Calico missing and the creepy polaroid

20 September 1988

Tara Leigh Calico was a young New Mexico woman who suddenly disappeared 31 years ago. The teenager went out by bike on 20 September 1988 at 09:30 am, because she wanted to go playing tennis with her boyfriend, who waited for her for two hours. The girl told to her parents that she would come back home at lunch but she never came back. A few hours later her boyfriend and her father went out to look for her, following the only street that Tara could have done, along State Road 47. The girl must have walked along that road, because of her mother’s advice: it had already happened that she had been molested by some people, so that time she maybe talked along a safer road. But nothing: Tara seemed to be gone. The family asked the police for... Read More

The grisly tale of the cannibal butcher

The grisly tale of the cannibal butcher


Christie Cleek lived in the reign of David II and he was a butcher from Perth during the 1400s which was a time of struggles like flood, famine and plague. This was around the time of the Black Death, with stories of demonology and witchcraft running rampant. During times of starvation there were harrowing tales of cannibalism and barbarism occurring everywhere, obviously due to the unsustainable and difficult lives of people at the time. Christie and a band of friends lived a life of highway robbery and scavenging to survive these hostile times up in the treacherous foothills of the Grampian Mountains. When one of the party died, Christie used his skills of butchery and the group feasted on the cooked flesh of their fallen comrade. Eventually Christie took to... Read More

The MacKenzie Poltergeist in Edinburgh

The MacKenzie Poltergeist in Edinburgh


In December of 1998, a homeless man wandered through Edinburgh’s storm-lashed streets. Seeking shelter from the night’s downpour he staggered into Greyfriars Kirkyard and broke into one of the old mausoleums in the Covenanter’s Prison section—no doubt attracted by its intact roof. Inside, the vault was pitch-black and the brave (or foolhardy) vagrant decided to explore his surroundings with what meagre light he possessed. He removed an iron grate in the floor and descended a short, twisting, stone staircase and entered a second chamber. There, he came across four wooden coffins. Perhaps looking for valuables to steal, the man began to smash open the dusty caskets. As he did so, a hole suddenly opened beneath his feet and he fell through a wooden division into a third... Read More