The Abandoned cold storage in Texas

The Abandoned cold storage in Texas
South Texas
The Story: 

Sometime last year

during the fall season. .  A group of friends and myself decided to check out abandoned buildings, and so called haunted places. After checking out a few boring areas for cheap thrills, I suggested we visit the abandoned cold storage...

The cold storage in our town is about 6 stories , 8 if you count the underground stories. It burned down sometime back in the 50s or 60s and has been abandoned but easily acessible ever since. There is grafitti and such on the inside, as well as pieces of fiberglass everywhere , more like chunks. We made our way to get in , in secret, due to the off chance a police car might drive by and see us investigating the place. So we went around the back, walking along some train tracks. It was about 11pm .

After about 5 minutes of walking my one friend (we shall call him mike) decided to lift up a flimsy section of the gate so we could all crawl through, but then we heard movement in the bushes and went running back to my car, parked a whiles away. Me and my other friend (fred) the next day decided to go back with flash lights, and pocket knives in the event someone were to try to attack us. While picking up our friend mike, his tattoo artist was at his house and told us back in the day a lot of homeless people used to live there so the police used to raid the place, and some people who stumbled in there supposedly got raped. Anyway we shrugged this off and told mike to get in the fucking car and stop being a bitch, and took off to the cold storage.

We went in through the front this time, laughing and throwing rocks as any youth do, hoping to crack some windows. The first entrance had small square openings near the floor, this place looked a lot like the warehouse from the movie hostile by the way, but way larger, and rotting .

We decided not to go to the basement as there would really be no way back up from the jump down there, which was about 8 feet down. After that there was a staircase leading further down, but we all bitched out and decided to go up stairs. Mike was the lackey of the group so we kind of bullied him into doing shit we didn't want to do ourselves and told him to climb up the metal staircase to the next floor.

The rusted metal staircase was missing steps and twisted and corroded from years of weathering, but Fred would not let him say no. So walking behind Mike they both made it up to the 2nd floor while I shined a flash light from the bottom. They began arguing on the 2nd floor, Mike was saying he didn't want to go , and Fred was saying for him to stop being a massive bitch and get the fuck up there. I got annoyed so I went out side to check in the event a police car would scope out our flash lights. About 5 minutes later while standing on the outside concrete ledge, Fred and Mike both came running out like maniacs, so fast they didnt see me and both fell on top of me as we all rolled down a rubble hill of concrete. I making sure I was not hurt, was pissed off but stunned so I asked everyone wtf happened. They both said they saw something on the 3rd floor and started throwing rocks through the windows of the building to see if anything would happen. After a brief moment of silence we all went back to my car as everyone was now bleeding .

When we got to the parking lot right across the street from the cold storage, we looked back to the top corner window on the top floor and saw a decayed corpse like hand waving.

This freaked us out not in a scared way but in a curious way. Because Firstly, theres no way to get to the top floor because the stairs to the top floor had fallen down from corrosion.

We never got around to investigating further, as everyone ended up moving. But.. back then we referred to these ventures as  "some scooby doo shit" .... - Fin

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