Black-Eyed Children (They were soo different)

Black-Eyed Children (They were soo different)
The Story: 

This happened quite recently maybe four to five weeks ago, my girlfriend and I stayed up late to watch a movie that came on our own child was in bed it must have been close to midnight we were halfway through this movie and we heard a knock on the window I looked at my girlfriend who didn't seem to notice and assumed it was the dog on the laminate flooring in the other room about seconds later there it was again I asked her if she heard it again and she said yes this time,

I got up and went to check on the dog the front room sofa sits underneath the window and the door to the other room is about seven feet away so I got up took a couple of steps and I noticed someone move outside I stood for a second and waited to see if it happened again it's not unusual to notice the cat on the windowsill outside waiting to come in I saw it move out the corner of my eye and told my girlfriend someone was outside she just assumed it may have been a friend who probably had an argument and wanted to crash the night or something she got up and moved the net curtains and then said that there were kids outside.

I told her not to lie and she said she wasn't she grabbed the front door keys and opened the porch we have one of those plastic front doors that have two strips of glass running vertical and parallel to each other so you can't see much unless someone is in front of the glass but to my surprise she was right - boys no older than one with blonde hair and one with brown hair stood in the front door they didn't speak until the door had been opened my girlfriend asked if they were okay the blonde one spoke up and said that they were lost and someone had followed them my girlfriend asked them where they had come from but they wouldn't give any specific answers just that they were lost and someone had followed them they noticed the lights on in the house and thought they'd ask for help they didn't really look at us just kind of looked away and pointed around when asked questions the dark-haired one then asked if they could come in,

I started to feel a little uneasy about the whole situation and asked if they knew their parents number they said they did and wanted to come in to use the phone I explained we didn't have a phone which was true because the previous week the cat knocked the phone off the side and broke it I hadn't got around to replacing it yet the blonde one then looked up at me and I swear his eyes were black his eyes look like they were all pupil he could see I was taken aback and started to get mad and demanded I let him in children or adults I'm not letting anyone I don't know in my house the dark ahead one piped up and then said to let us use the phone at this point we were both terrified so I shut the front door.

I went into the front room and my girlfriend asked me what the fuck was going on I told her, I don't know but to call the police they begin knocking on the front door and talking in hushed voices to let them in we got unto the police and a few minutes later they left the police came back and we told them what had happened just to state my girlfriend and I are both foster carers we are well known to the local police through some of the children we have had I don't think they knew what to do at first I think they thought we were joking with them and not telling them what had really happened but then they saw that we were both being serious they did a check on the area and no kids had been reported missing and,

they hadn't found anyone my only suggestion is they ran off into the Nature Reserve but the police weren't willing to check I couldn't sleep for a week I installed a security camera outside the house and a sense alone the two boys like I said look no older than one with blond hair and one with dark hair the blond one wore jeans scruffy trainers and a blue t-shirt the black-haired one wore darker jeans a white t-shirt with a logo on it they were both white didn't look pale just like normal kids their eyes were like nothing I've ever seen my girlfriend still worries about it it makes me double-check the doors locked when we go to bed.