Charlie Noonan's Story of Disappearance and Mysterious Photographs

Last Image of Charlie Noonan
Somewhere North of Oklahoma
Early 20th Century
The Story: 

There was a man named Charlie Noonan who used to roam to different places and hear stories from people which of these, urban legends, he sometimes wrote in his book. He used to go to remote areas to collect such unique and horrifying tales. Charlie's wife Ellie would get worried due to her husband walking alone in this way, but Charlie's insistence on her was not going on.

The Legend
At sometime around 1900's, Noonan met a farmer while searching for mythologies and got to know about a very fascinating testimony about an old woman lives who lived in a remote area north of Oklahoma. The legend was that the old woman is not only a human being but also has a sort of hidden demonic power and was in disguise of a human being. The face of this old woman was always masked from a muffler due to which no one had ever seen her true identity. She was always accompanied by her dicey dog who does not let anyone to come near her. After listening to this, Charlie's curiosity was awaken and on the same day he expressed his desire to Ellie that he wanted to find this woman.

The Search Begins
The very next day Charlie Noonan went to Oklahoma in search of the woman after which there was no news of him. His wife was always worried about him since the day he left. After a long time when there was no communication with Charlie, his wife started to have a strange feeling. Then she started searching for his husband along with some help from police.

A few days later, Charlie Noonan's belongings were found lying in a large field in a remote area, North of Oklahoma. It contained Charlie Noonan's camera and his notebook. After the investigations, shocking pictures were release which were supposed to be taken with his camera and in these mysterious pictures the old woman can be seen along with her dog. These were the last pictures whic were taken with Charlie's.

To the date, this story is still unsolved and the legend is still out there.


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