The Chupacabra lives! check this creature.

The Chupacabra lives! check this creature.
Texas, USA
The Story: 

The Chupacabra lives!

Well, not “lives” literally. It was, in fact, hit by a car, decapitated, and frozen, which makes living difficult for most things. But the tenacious crypto-beast refuses to be silent, even in death, and so I invite you all to have a seat on the cryptocouch, and kick up your feet on the ottoman of open-mindedness. Do so now.

A quick refresher: Last year a Texas woman found several strange looking animals on a road near her ranch—all had apparently been struck by cars. The creatures were about 40 pounds each, grayish, largely hairless, fanged, and dog-like. It was suggested that these animals might have been responsible for the deaths by exsanguination (removal of blood) of dozens of chickens in the area over the last several years, and so they were associated with the legendary Latin American bloodsucking monster the chupacabra. These kinds of claims are made all the time, but this lady actually had the foresight to keep the bodies—or at least their heads—in her freezer for tests.

Refresher #2: A couple months later, the creature’s DNA results came back, and it was declared that the “chupacabras” were nothing more than coyotes with skin problems. Science Buzz had a post on this story too, and here’s the link for Texas State University’s take on the DNA results they came up with. And that’s about where coverage on the Cuero chupacabra dropped off (except for a sighting this summer).

Are coyotes the culprits?: Or are the Cuero creatures something different entirely?

But the story’s not quite over! The woman who shot the creatures claims that the results of the DNA tests were not accurately represented by the media, and that the story was dismissed without sufficient investigation. Phylis, the Cuero rancher herself, recently sent Science Buzz a letter regarding some of the problems she has with the sick coyote theory:

You state the Cuero Chupacabra is a sick coyote. Based on what evidence?

I have the beast, I have the DNA, and I have talked to multitudes of scientist and biologist and not ONE person has stated that this animal is a sick coyote.

What we know:

It DID NOT have mange

It is a cross between two animals that do not breed

It has blue eyes

I will continue to research this beast as I stated I would when I first began observing it two years ago!!

I hope this info helps-


And so today the cryptocouch is no longer a place of simple relaxation, it is a nexus of discussion! What do you all think? If it’s not a mythological creature, and it’s not exactly a coyote, what is it?

Leave your comments and questions here. Hopefully Phylis will be joining the discussion herself—do you have any questions for her?

**Here's a link to a photo of Phylis with the creature's head. As soon as I find a postable image, I'll put it up with the story.


Just a road in Texas: No chupacabras, or ill coyotes, so just chill out. Watch the video, huh?

A county sheriff's deputy-in-training in Texas got some footage of a strange, poochy animal, as she chased the creature down a rural road. Where in Texas? Cuero, naturally, where there was a stir-up last year about the one and only Chupacabra!.

Until I have footage of this guy draining the blood from a goat, I'm saying it's part of a population of creepy coyote hybrids (which I also like).