The 5 most Creepy Suicide Jumpers - pag 2

Ideally, anyone jumping on land should try and land on their head, as this maximises the chances of fatal head injuries. In a study by Goonetilleke3, head impact was the most frequent landing area in fatal falls. If a person is jumping from lower heights, going head first becomes even more important, as the chances of death reduce the shorter the drop, and brain haemorrhage is the most frequent cause of death for jumpers.

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It should go without saying that great care should be taken when jumping to not land on any person, or anything that might break the fall. It is also important to land on something hard, and not a forgiving surface like soft grass or sand that might cushion the fall. High cliffs with rocky landings are likely to fulfil the requirement for height, a hard landing and not having anyone underneath. Beachy Head in East Sussex, UK, is a notorious suicide spot for this reason.

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