True Stories from deep web page 2

Daisy Destruction

6. Daisy’s Destruction

There is nobody unaware of the fact that porn is a disturbing arena that exists even on the Surface Web. As much as it pains to have this awfulness ruin our internet browsing experience, it is much worse to see that pedophiles have an area all to themselves, undiscovered by the government authorities.

Child pornography constitutes more than 80% of the dark web. While nobody can do anything about it, there is an increasing number of child porn watchers all over the world!

One particularly infamous case involved an Australian registered sex offender named Peter Scully who would travel to the neighboring nations of the Philippines and Thailand and sexually abuse children there.

He would then record his atrocious activities and then spread it all across the dark web for other pedophiles to see.

He made a dirty film with a minor girl where he sexually abused and tortured her. This monster was arrested in the Philippines on the charge of making multiple child abuse videos and is now rotting in an Australian prison.

Apparently, it is allowed for the registered sex offenders in Australia to carry passports and even go on international travel. Now you see where the source of the problem is.

Live Torture Stream

7. Live Torture Streams

Have you seen the movie ‘Hostel‘?

Now, can you imagine watching something like that Live on your computer?

Apparently, it is one of the trending activities on the Dark Web. Although this is not a secret society, it is certainly the second disgusting thing after child pornography.

Some guy on the dark web found a live stream of a girl who was sitting on a chair and sought people’s suggestion on how she should hurt herself.

What we are talking about here is the self-inflicted abuse- cuts, bruises, eye gouging, etc. Eventually, she killed herself on the live stream for all the crazy people to watch and entertain. Mind you, this was not some fake, make-believe death, it was quite real!

This is one of those places where radical Islamic terrorist organizations also perform live beheadings, torture, rape and even murder.

No wonder that even the world’s most powerful governments prove useless against such destruction.

Obviously, there are many more stories that are even more horrifying. But what you must know is that if you do decide to go down this path then at least try to restrict access to your Tor-enabled device from running the risk of children stumbling across an ugly world such as this.

There are many other Dark Web Stories which can be found on Reddit.

It may seem like an adventure based on curiosity, but it is a steep slope down into the darkness that nobody can save you from, so, do take caution.