Scary Instagram Horror Story (I Got Almost Killed)

Scary Instagram Horror Story (I Got Almost Killed)
New Orleans
The Story: 

I'm a 17 year old girl and so much like every other seventeen ten year old girl I envied the gorgeous girls on Instagram Tumblr and Twitter that get hundreds and hundreds of likes and comments on their photos I wanted to be just like them I bought extensions fake eyelashes made my account private so people would have to follow me to see my pictures I even started losing weight to be just as thin and pretty as all those other girls and it worked hashtag after hashtag and post after post of me smiling with thick wind eyeliner and push-up bras made my follow accounts skyrocket I love the attention I loved random boys commenting on my pictures about my looks and womanly assets that is until I got one strange follow request I clicked on the username let's just call it John double o and it took me to an account page which displayed no profile photo no posts no followers and no one they had followed but as I said prior I wanted followers so who was I to give a shit about the freaky page I accepted the request and went on as normal a week later I received my first comment from the strange account john double-o once said hot I didn't think much of it being has more than half the time I receive comments on photos there were from people I didn't actually know in real life however the next morning I woke up to see that the account had like of my photos dating from as far back as weeks ago it was strange sure but as I said I was just happy to be getting likes now this is where things started to get weird on April st I got a phone call from a private number and of course I was curious so I answered hello hey it was a guy's voice very very deep and husky I kept talking trying to recognize the voice may I ask who's calling I'm on the phone or what it works so I just have a tendency to be very proper during phone conversations is this harder the voice questioned my eyebrow shut up at the sound of not only my first but my last name as well whoever it was definitely knew me ah this is she who is this where are you right now ah what are you at home I want to make you scream who is this I was freaked out who the fuck was this Hana right you got a nice ass I hung up and they called again and again but by this time I figured it was just probably an April Fool's joke being the st of April right so I ignore the next three calls and disregarded a some weird April first prank but the next morning I'm awakened up by the same private caller this continues for more days receiving two calls at the same time and then it suddenly stops it was silly anyway must have just been a joke so I forgot all about it a week later I get a notification on my Instagram account John double o tagged you in a photo I clicked on the thumbnail to get a better view it was a picture of me driving in my mum's van I was sitting at a stoplight I clicked back to the users account one post followers following one no profile picture I started to freak out and showed it to my sister we both started freaking out and I reported the photo as inappropriate the private call started up again I answered once and never touch the phone again all the voice said was did you like my picture two days later John double-o one still continued to tag more and more photos of me one of me leaving work one of me at the mall and the last one just a photo of my street I showed the post to my mum and she told me that if it were to happen again she would call the police but she swore it was probably just a friend trying to freak me out she was probably right I remember thinking as I went upstairs and turned on the radio I was busy blaring System of a Down when my mum called up to me that she was taking my sister to dance and was bringing my brother along for the ride I of course didn't he her I made my way into the bathroom carrying my loud music at my side I hopped into the shower screaming along to the radio I didn't hear the front door when it opened I didn't hear him come up the stairs I didn't even hear him when he went into my room and used my red lipstick that I had used in so many Instagram pictures to write on my mirror but I did hear the click of the camera as I turned my naked body to read the note that covered my reflection it read in those smeared crimson letters smile Hannah I spoke to my mother on the phone immediately and we contacted the police soon after this today I have had no contact with this person since and I don't know what happened with the police all I know is that I'm glad that I have not had any more messages.