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It Follows movie The best 8 Horror Movies of last 10 years

"Hereditary" (2018) - Directed by Ari Aster. After the death of her mother, a family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. "Get Out" (2017) - Directed by Jordan Peele. A young African American man visits his white girlfriend's family estate where he learns that many of its residents, who are black, have gone missing, and he soon learns the horrible truth when another frantic African-American warns him to "get out". "The Witch" (2015) - Directed by Robert Eggers. A... Read More

 ​Top Online Slots Based on Horror Films Top Online Slots Based on Horror Films

Horror makes for one of the top five main genres when we talk about films. But more than anything else, it manages to encapsulate the essence of all the other major film styles - be it drama, thrilling mystery, action, and to some extent comedy. This is probably the reason why horror films remain to date some of the most cherished and watched movies ever. From cult classics that were too gory for mainstream release to blockbuster summer releases, horror films have entertained us in more way than one. Interestingly, even after being shocking at times, they often serve as the perfect date movie. Then there are the classic horror... Read More

Top 10 Horror Movies of 2018: with the actress Nikki Kris Top 10 Horror Movies of 2018: with the actress Nikki Kris

This is the list of our favorite horror movies for 2018: Halloween Bird Box Insidious: The Last Key Hereditary Mandy Amityville Murders Downrage Veronica The Nun  The Ritual A very special thanks to the actress Nikki Kris for the interpretation on this video.

Four of the Most Terrifying Horror Films of All Time Four of the Most Terrifying Horror Films of All Time

It’s fair to say horror movies are given something of an unfair press. Unlike romance, drama, and sci-fi, they’re frequently looked upon as the poor relation and subjected to vicious critical attacks. They’re sometimes accused of only wanting to provoke a reaction, as opposed to having any higher aspirations to create screen-worthy cinema or an enduring impact. But that's no more accurate than saying all romantic flicks or dramas are the same. Thankfully, thrillers and horror films finally seem to be getting some of the recognition they deserve. Thanks to a number of classics that have combined strong storylines with masterful... Read More

Are Marvel’s Horror Plans as Scary as They Sound? Are Marvel’s Horror Plans as Scary as They Sound?

It appears as though Marvel Studios head honcho, Kevin Feige, is considering the possibility of including the horror genre in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio’s decade-long history doesn’t include traditional horror movies, but after the debut of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), there has been talk about the movie studio’s plans for Phase 4. While an official reveal won’t be made until after Avengers 4 (2019) has been released, plans are moving ahead, and the Web is full of rumours regarding the potential future of the MCU. Marvel’s already been there Marvel’s history is rich in the horror genre, both in comic books... Read More

"Blair Witch" (CC BY 2.0) by Will Folsom The Psychology of Making Horror Movies Scary

The Psychology of Making Horror Movies Scary Did you every show a favorite terrifying horror move to a friend only to have them not frightened at all? Maybe it happened the other way around? Horror movies as a genre are one of the most complicated in the business, and a huge portion of this comes down to their effect and reliance on human psychology. The key components of this are not just individual but are also social and cultural, and it is only when these factors hit all of our triggers that we are the most terrified. One of the first things we need to take into account when looking at horror movie psychology is how... Read More

The very Best True Crime Podcasts The very Best True Crime Podcasts

  Podcasts are the new type of entertainment for all the people browsing the web. We wanted to make an article to show you the best choices if you love True Crimes stories and you are not addicted to the television. True crimes podcasts seem to be a really trendy topic in web contents, the audience of this special kind of entertainment seems to be very loyal and always growing and we like to sho to our audience the best podcasts in our opinion. True crime is very popular now with many podcasts popping up regularlyi n fact there’s an annual CrimeCon conference dedicated to true crime. Here's our list... Read More

Mysterious Deep Web Horror Game Sad Satan Mysterious Deep Web Horror Game Sad Satan

Walking forward, it’s hard to make out what’s waiting for you in the distance. The only thing you can hear is your footsteps, one after the other, acting as a reminder that something tangible exists within these shadows. The walking continues for a while, though the player in the video doesn’t really seem to make any progress. It almost seems as if they are walking in place—but no, eventually, the player does get closer to the flickering light. This is where the strange, muffled sounds start. It almost sounds like a kid, gasping. It could be anything, though. The player turns back, walks for a little bit. Then turns around... Read More

People Dead During Shooting Of Movies People Dead During Shooting Of Movies

The Dark Knight Death: Heath Ledger Here, Ledger attends the Venice Film Festival in September 2007. Heath Ledger made a name for himself as a quick-witted heartthrob in "10 Things I Hate About You" and "A Knight's Tale" before moving on to more dramatic roles in iconic movies that included "Brokeback Mountain" and the second installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman movie series, "The Dark Knight." While Ledger was filming "The Dark Knight," he said in interviews that the scary role of the Joker contributed to his prescription drug use -- he often became so immersed in the characters he played that... Read More

Movies With Uncensored Sequences Of Violence Movies With Uncensored Sequences Of Violence

  THIRTEEN WOMEN (1932) Thirteen sorority sisters receive letters from a clairvoyant foretelling their demise.  Unbeknownst to the ladies, Ursula Georgi, a half Javanese* Eurasian woman with strong powers of persuasion, is the one behind those doomsday oracles. An outcast because of her mixed-race origins (yeah, this one is pretty racist too), Ursula seeks revenge on the girls whose torment forced her to leave school. Using mind control, Ursula exacts her retaliation by manipulating them to kill themselves and each other. THIRTEEN WOMEN was one of the first films to feature an almost entirely female... Read More


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