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Chucky 7 Coming this Holloween (October 20) Chucky 7 Coming this Holloween (October 20)

Chucky returns after the events of Curse of Chucky to continue terrorizing his wheelchair-prone human victim, Nica. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife. Don Mancini’s been teasing the newest Child’s Play film for months and we’re excited, especially since it picks up after the events of Curse of Chucky, one of the absolute best of the franchise. We’ve got a synopsis for you below, but it doesn’t matter much; if you’re onboard with Chucky, you know and love what you’re getting into! Brad Dourif once again provides Chucky’s voice,... Read More

10 Japanese Creepy Horror Movies (Must Watch) 10 Japanese Creepy Horror Movies (Must Watch)

Some of the best horror films in the world have only come out of Japan. Let's take a look at some of the most memorable Japanese horror movies.    10. DARK WATER Dark Water is a 2002 horror-drama from director Hideo Nakata. The film is based on a piece of work by Koji Suzuki. The film was remade for Western audiences in 2005. directed by Walter Salles and starring Jennifer Connelly. In Dark Water, Yoshimi (Hitomi Kuroki) is in the middle of an ugly divorce and has to move into a dilapidated apartment with her daughter. A leak forms in the building’s ceiling and gets worse... Read More

Every Spoiler Leaked From 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 So Far Every Spoiler Leaked From 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 So Far

The apocalyptic drama is just weeks away from its whopping eighth season, and some fans may be falling off or losing interest in Rick Grimes’ battle for survival. But it looks like the folks behind TWD are cognizant of this possibility, and are attempting to change things up in Season 8. Producer/director Greg Nicotero recently spoke to this, teasing how visually different Season 8 will be than its predecessors. The past few weeks have been an exciting time for avid TV fans. Fall premieres have ended the long hiatus between nwe seasons, allowing fans to return to their favorite weekly adventures on the small... Read More

31 Best Horror Movies of All Time 31 Best Horror Movies of All Time

It’s finally October, which means you can start breaking out your favorite Halloween classics! It can be such a struggle to try and fit all your favorite movies in between school and Halloweekend parties, so we’ve broken down the greatest movies into a binge-watching guide for you. From October 1 through 31, you’ll be able to stay on schedule with the best nostalgia and horror that Halloween has to offer. Don’t forget to make sure you have a giant bowl of candy with you at all times, too! 1) Audition (1999) Though we’ve embedded the Audition trailer above, we suggest you opt not to watch it;... Read More

5 Best Horror Movies To Watch On This Halloween 5 Best Horror Movies To Watch On This Halloween

Get ready for some spook-tastic classic cinema this Halloween!    Poltergeist (1982) Unnervingly, this ghost story will leave you wary of your own television. Critics say: "This is a barnstorming ghost story... consistently redeemed by its creator's dazzling sense of craft. Paranormal Activity (2007) Something of a modern classic, this shocking feature plays on a culture saturated with reality television and near omnipresent surveillance. Critics say: "It comes by its screams honestly, earning them with incremental, at times agonizing gradations of old-fashioned, what's-that... Read More

Top 10 Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 – 2018 Top 10 Upcoming Horror Movies 2017–2018

Top 10 Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 – 2018. 2017 had already been a great year for horror films before the month began, but Stephen King’s IT  has upped the ante both critically and at the box-office. The film’s a fantastic opener for the fall season’s remaining horror titles, and while the odds are slim that any of them will match its blockbuster haul we’re hoping that more than a few of them can equal its scares, thrills, and chills. The next few months see a wide variety of horrors heading our way from slashers to creature features, from sequels to remakes, and from the hotly anticipated to the one directed by a... Read More

The Definitive top 10 Horror Movies of 2016 The Definitive top 10 Horror Movies of 2016

OK, the year is ending and we've made a list of what we liked the most. If you agree or if you don't please comment your opinion here or in the Horror Galore facebook page. 10. The Autopsy of Jane Doe Cox and Hirsch play father and son coroners who receive a mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death. As they attempt to identify the beautiful young "Jane Doe," they discover increasingly bizarre clues that hold the key to her terrifying secrets. 9. Don't Breathe In Detroit, the burglars Money, Rocky and Alex plot a heist in the isolated house of a Blind Man, who received a large amount when his... Read More

Frankenstein 2015 - Bernard Rose Frankenstein 2015

Hollywood is obsessed with creating contemporary adaptations of legends and horror stories. According to List Challenges, there are 55 Frankenstein themed movies, which most people would agree seems rather excessive. Frankenstein has proven to be a popular story to be retold, beginning with Mary Shelley’s original plot in 1818 which inspired the first short film in 1910, followed by numerous other revivals throughout the 20th century. Since then, Frankenstein and his monster have been reinterpreted into television series like Penny Dreadful, which aired on Showtime, as well as games like Frankenstein that is currently hosted by... Read More

The House of "Amityville Horror" movie is sold? The House of "Amityville Horror" movie is sold?

This past June iHorror broke the news that The real Amityville Horror House had been put up for sale. A week ago {November 13th} marked the anniversary of the grisly murders at what was then known as 112 Ocean Avenue. Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed the members of his family in the large Dutch Colonial house situated in a suburban neighborhood in Amityville. DeFeo Jr. was convicted of second-degree murder in November 1975. Over the years speculation grew as to if Defeo Jr. acted out this heinous crime with an accomplice, or two. With the countless books and films, The Amityville Horror has made its dark, bloody mark in Cinema... Read More

Johnny Depp to Resurrect The Invisible Man Johnny Depp to Resurrect The Invisible Man

Title: Johnny Depp To Resurrect The Invisible Man When Universal first released The Invisible Man back in 1933, the material was actually somewhat fresh. It was based on a sci-fi/horror novel by H.G. Wells that had been published in 1897, meaning it was really among the first mainstream book-to-screen adaptations of old Hollywood. The film, which you can actually find in its entirety online, was a success, viewed both as an artful interpretation of Wells's work and as a strong standalone movie. It also fit in with Universal's broader tendency to produce monster films—and that's why it's become particularly relevant again today.... Read More


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