Andrew Lincoln warns fans about future of The Walking Dead Season 8

Andrew Lincoln warns fans about future


We can never be immune to sadness when one character dies brutally in The Walking Dead. Although he is important to the storyline since the beginning, rumors about Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes exiting the show are making a lot of fans deeply worried.

Some The Walking Dead Season 8 rumors are quite difficult to debunk, especially if major hints are dropped. In this case, Andrew Lincoln seems to be sending the fandom a message. In an interview with EW, he explains that there are multiple ways on how The Walking Dead will continue.

Andrew Lincoln might not be there until the end of  The Walking Dead
"I am not saying that the show would ever finish" Lincoln says, "but I certainly think that there is an opportunity for the show to change at some point, and I think it should."

The rumor started when the first trailer for season 8 unveiled, during the San Diego Comic-Con.

It featured an all-out-war between Rick’s team and Negan’s. At the end of the trailer, a vague moment of peace was there and Rick looked like he was in a hospital bed, suggesting that the first episode of season 8 (also the 100th episode) might proceed to the results of the war.

Whether his character lives or not, the British actor wanted the spotlight to focus on his on-screen son, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). "It’s beautifully set up for that – for the camera to be certainly (Rick Grimes) story, and then it just shifts off" he said.

Will Andrea ever return to the hit show?