Lady Gaga admits she's acting to help her depression

Lady Gaga admits she's acting to help her depression

Lady Gaga has admitted that acting in American Horror Story has helped her to deal with her depression and anxiety in a way that medication has never done.

‘I’m an actress now and that helps a lot,’ the musician admitted. ‘I’ve tried to get off [my medication], but my doctor always tells me not to, that it’s not safe for me.’

However, the Bad Romance singer revealed that ‘there is something about acting that has really helped’.

‘I’m a Stefani-Gaga hybrid,’ she told The Sun, ‘and I want you to know the real me.’

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, has released five acclaimed albums since her break out in 2008 and now stars in drama American Horror Story: Hotel.

She stars as the Countess, the owner of the Hotel Cortez who has an ancient blood virus causing her to feed off the blood of humans, and using her deadly chainmail glove to help.

She told the newspaper that she was ‘very nervous’ about her first day on set, adding that ‘all I have is my preparation time and Jesus to save me from possibly screwing this up’.

‘On my first day I threw up on the way in a bag in my Rolls-Royce. I don’t know why I thought that was funny but it is funny. So after I threw up in the bag I saved it and brought it [to the set].

Lady Gaga is engaged to Taylor Kinney 

Gaga has previously spoken of her illness, writing on her Little Monsters website in 2014 that ‘depression is just like any season, it will change, and before you know it you will see the first flower blooming’

‘Then another. Then another. Before you know it your whole life will be in bloom. And you’ll no longer remember the winter.’