WALKING DEAD: Did his Tweet Reveal Major Death?

Did a star of The Walking Dead just reveal the death of a member of Rick Grimes’ group of survivors?

Potential spoilers are ahead, so read at your own risk.

According to Undead Walking, one of Michael Cudlitz’s recent tweets possibly revealed the death of his own Walking Dead character, military man Abraham Ford, or costar Josh McDermitt’s character, mulleted pervert Eugene Porter. The Spoiling Dead Fans shared a screenshot of Michael’s suspicious tweet.

Cudlitz’s tweet was in response to a message from McDermitt informing fans that he hasn’t been on Twitter lately because he’s been busy shooting a movie titled Middle Man. Cudlitz’s “I did” in parenthesis is rather ominous — it seems to imply that he and McDermitt will no longer be working together on The Walking Dead. It also looks like the actor’s tweet possibly got him in a bit of trouble — he later changed it to take out the words that Walking Dead fans are freaking out over.

Walking Dead Spoil Tweet
The Spoiling Dead Fans can’t confirm that Abraham or Eugene has been killed off, and some fans think that Michael Cudlitz was just trying to mess with them by making it seem like someone earned their death dinner. It’s possible that his edit was a part of his prank, or perhaps the powers-at-be told him to change it.

If Michael’s tweet wasn’t a joke, it really makes it seem like Eugene is the one in danger, and Josh McDermitt hasn’t been spotted filming on the set of The Walking Dead since last Friday. Eugene’s death would be a twist on what happens in The Walking Dead comic books — even though Abraham is the stronger and tougher of the two men, he doesn’t get to outlive Eugene. In fact, Eugene is still alive and kicking in the comic universe.

Michael Cudlitz seemed to be under the impression that his character will be around long enough to see the arrival of comic book villain Negan.

“I can hold off on meeting him for a while, partially because I don’t know how they’re going to create that character to be able to exist in the world of television because of the stream of profanities that he speaks with,” Cudlitz said during an interview with Zap2it. The way he worded this comment makes it sound like he plans on Abraham facing off with Negan someday.

There’s been no mention of anyone who resembles Negan on The Walking Dead set, so it still might be a while before he and Lucille start terrorizing Abe and the other Alexandrians.

Fans of Eugene’s party in the back shouldn’t despair just yet. As the Inquisitr previously reported, many fans who follow Walking Dead spoilers feared that Michonne had been killed off because there were so few Danai Gurira sightings being reported. However, it was later revealed that Michonne is still alive and swinging her samurai sword at zombie skulls.

Eugene saved Tara and Glenn’s lives during the last season of The Walking Dead, so perhaps he’s served his purpose — that was his redemption story, and the mullet is needed no more. Do you think he’s going to bite the dust during season 6, or was Michael Cudlitz just being a jerk and messing with fans’ emotions?