The Walking Dead gonna be a Movie... ?

The Walking Dead gonna be a Movie

The sixth season of AMC's iconic The Walking Dead is set to premiere later this year, but it looks like fans might soon see the show make the transition to the big screen. Actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays protagonist Rick Grimes, has spoken about the possibility of a Walking Dead movie.

AMC's The Walking Dead returns to screens this fall with its sixth season, with viewers impatient to find out whether Rick and co. will finally commit to life in the Safe Zone after the shocking events of Season 5's finale. "Conquer" saw Jessie's abusive husband, Pete, attack and kill Reg at a camp meeting, with Deanna finally giving Rick permission to pull the trigger. Fan favorite Morgan returned alongside Daryl and Aaron just in time to witness the execution, with producer Robert Kirkman promising that Morgan and Rick's relationship will be the "spine" of The Walking Dead Season 6. While further details about what's in store from the show's new episodes remain thin on the ground, actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, piqued the interest of fans with several comments about a potential Walking Dead movie earlier this week.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Robert Kirkman, the show's creative driving force and the brains behind the original comic book series, recently signed a first-look film deal with Universal Pictures, although plans for a movie remain unconfirmed. Speaking to, Lincoln had this to say about a possible jump to the big screen: "That would be amazing. It’s something we’ve been talking about and dreamt of because it would be cool to see some snow. We were all going, just not to have to film in Atlanta where it gets to 100 degrees! " The actor continued: "What would be amazing is that you can play with form, time and chronology and maybe also rediscover characters who are no longer in the show. Certainly, with that format, you can do something very interesting and ambitious." For the moment, sources say that there are no firm projects are in the pipeline, but Lincoln's comments raise some interesting questions. In the meantime, find out what producer Greg Nicotero had to reveal about The Walking Dead Season 6 during our exclusive interview. Warning: spoiler alert! What do you think about a possible Walking Dead movie? Yay or nay? Let us know.