Reel Scary Website

Reel Scary Website

Have you ever wanted to know what type of horror movie you were about to watch?  It can be difficult to judge if you will like a scary movie just based on traditional movie reviews.  Some movies are a snooze fest and can leave you wanting more, while others make you cry out for mommy and turn the nightlight on before bed.

Now thankfully there is a website, Reel Scary, where you can view movies that are rated on pure scariness, not the quality of the movie.  The premise is simple; users of the site rate movies based on these 3 categories: Gore, Disturb, Suspense. It's then possible to sort and view the movies based on those ratings.  The site has also come up with it's own proprietary rating score to give you a feel for how scary a movie will be.

Reel Scary first launched right before halloween and grew very popular due to being on the front page of reddit.  Since then people having been using the site regularly and it now has over 9000 ratings.  Recently the site launched a ratings campaign where the people with the most ratings in December could win a free t-shirt.

If you're in the mood for a scary movie but don't know what to watch, or if you are trying to find some new horror flicks, check out Reel Scary.