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5 Creepy Horror-Themed Casino Slot Games That Will Terrify You  5 Creepy Horror-Themed Casino Slot Games That Will Terrify You 


Did you ever wonder why there are so many horror films nowadays? Or why amusement parks are full with creepy rooms? The easiest explanation is – people get a thrill out when creeped out or scared. That is why horror is ever-present in every media, especially in gambling. Check out these 5 creepy slot games from CasinoChan - an online casino for Australian players. Blood Suckers Slot  NetEnt is a company that doesn't mess around when producing top-class games with fantastic visuals and atmosphere and this game is no exception, Blood Suckers slot is a 25-payline, medium variance gothic game with vampires Main features... Read More

Reel Scary Website Reel Scary Website


Have you ever wanted to know what type of horror movie you were about to watch?  It can be difficult to judge if you will like a scary movie just based on traditional movie reviews.  Some movies are a snooze fest and can leave you wanting more, while others make you cry out for mommy and turn the nightlight on before bed. Now thankfully there is a website, Reel Scary, where you can view movies that are rated on pure scariness, not the quality of the movie.  The premise is simple; users of the site rate movies based on these 3 categories: Gore, Disturb, Suspense. It's then possible to sort and view the movies... Read More