Afflicted - movie
Derek Lee, Clif Prowse


The Canadians Derek Lee, who has an aneurysm and may die in any moment, and Clifton "Clif" Prowse are best friends and decide to quit their jobs to travel around the world. They arrive first in Barcelona, where they meet two other friends that are musicians and they together to Paris, where they have scheduled a concert. The shy Derek meets Audrey and they spend the night together. In the morning, his friends come to his room and find Derek bitten and covered in blood but they do not go to the hospital since Derek is afraid of interrupting his trip. When Clif and Derek arrives in Italy, Derek vomits the food; burns with the sunlight; and his strength has increased a lot. Soon they discover that Derek was infected by Audrey and now he is a vampire. Clif tries to help his friend, but how?


Since watching this modern day vampire movie about a month back I have encountered numerous reviews that seemed not to ‘get’ the film in any way! I think a lot of these so called ‘big film review’ sites have an agenda against Found Footage horror movies. Just to make it clear to the reviewers out there, this is actually a Modern Day Vampire Movie so maybe try including that in your review. Don’t try to put perspective fans off by slating a film you did not enjoy by not including the most important film element within your review!

Now we’ve go that out of the way I should really get into the ‘guts’ of this great found footage offering. This was a completely enjoyable experience for me as I had no idea what the topic of this film was about. I saw it was found footage and I went for it straight away – I had no idea of the budget, the directors or the quality beforehand.

This Was Certainly Not a Twilight Movie!
No, this modern day vampire movie was dark, gritty and extremely realistic. It center’s around two friends on a European trip which I found quite refreshing in Found Footage terms ( no dark forest or abandoned asylum here folks! ).

Anyway without hitting to many spoiler points – one of the friends becomes ‘afflicted’ with some sort of disease and he becomes very ill…… first! Now I’m leaving out the ‘how and why’ he got afflicted with this disease for a very good reason – I don’t want to spoil the experience for you!

The directors of this modern day vampire movie decided to basically do it themselves and take over the lead roles. I didn’t realize this until after I had watched the movie and I was quite impressed by how they came over on the silver screen.

I was surprised that some reviews have labelled the movie a low budget effort – I’ll be honest here – I didn’t see that come out at all! Some of the effects and especially the stunts were incredible for a Found Footage effort.

Anyways the two writer/directors are Cliff Prowse and Derek Lee. Watch out for them – they have what it takes to become big names in the horror industry!

This modern day vampire movie could of gone downhill fast if the characters were unable to show a connection on screen. Thankfully they worked really well together and the concern for the ailing Derek came across as a ‘real’ concern.
They seemed like friends from the start and they remained like friends throughout the film – it worked and it worked well!

As you may have noticed in this review I have not gone to deeply into the story. The idea for this modern day vampire movie is a simple one and also one I could ruin quite easily by throwing out a spoiler!

I thought it was professionally shot, well presented with impressive effects and two competent and believable actors! There’s really not much more you can ask from a Found Footage movie.

Let me say that i really appreciate the locations of filming, considering i know that area very well and it just cut your breath... Original the idea to shoot a movie right there, in Cinque Terre.

If you have any opinions on this modern day vampire movie please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We love interaction on this site and try to promote it as often as possible


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