La Reliquia

La Reliquia - a movie by Paolo Martini
Paolo Martini


When Mimì discovers that Anna, the young girl from whom she is expecting a child, in exchange for a job has accepted that the unborn child was "enchanted" by the spirit of Pasquale Capuano, she decides to turn to Maciaro, a farmer sorcerer and the only person able to free her and the baby. But the important personality of the village, to keep the social balance and traditions of Roccalunga intact, cannot allow a child to be born free from Pasquale's influence.


Disturbing Rosemary's Baby in southern sauce, "La reliquia" (seen online at the Fantafestival in Rome) is a successful insight into the practices and rituals of southern Italy. The theme is the atmosphere is very interesting and original, but the narrative suffers from the short duration. The cast of actors is exceptional, mostly comedians, but perfectly in part in histrionic (Paolantoni) or slimy (Rizzo) roles. The beautiful and evocative photography creates a dark atmosphere. Effective direction. Note of merit: the use of the lunar music by Egisto Macchi, author of the beautiful soundtrack of the film "The assassination of Trotsky" by Joseph Losey.


Francesco Paolantoni
Francesco Paolantoni

Giacomo Rizzo
Giacomo Rizzo

Paolo Martini and Giobbe Covatta
Paolo Martini and Giobbe Covatta

Giuseppe Calandriello and Giacomo Rizzi
Giuseppe Calandriello and Giacomo Rizzi

Marcello Prayer (Domenico "Mimì" Riccio)
Aura Ghezzi (Anna)
Giobbe Covatta (Maciaro)
Francesco Paolantoni (Sindaco Luigi Pastore)
Giacomo Rizzo (Giuseppe Esposito)
Valerio Lombardi (Dottorino)
Antonio Cioffi (Father Ciccio)
Gerardo Schiavone (Gegè Santoro)
Alfonso Quagliariello (Salvatore Russo)
Lucia D'Adamo (Pregnant Girl)
Luigi Ragucci (Cammorist 1)
Alessandro Fubiani (Cammorist 2)
Nina Marraffa (Pasquale's Son)

Story and Screenplay:
Giuseppe Calandriello
Paolo Martini

Egisto Macchi

Beniamino Montanari

Costume Designer:
Sandra Cianci

Production Designer:
Sandra Cianci

David Becheri

Sound and Sound Designer:
Andrea Pasqualetti

Paolo Martini
Andrea Mugnaini
Paola Raffo

Makeup artist:
Beatrice Aru

Still Photographer:
Michele Chiroli



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