Russian girl Xenia Ignatyeva attempted to take selfie and died

Russian girl Xenia Ignatyeva attempted to take selfie and died
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A 17-year-old young lady dove 30 feet to her passing as she climbed onto a railroad connect - to take a selfie. 

Young person Xenia Ignatyeva was multi month shy of her eighteenth birthday celebration when she fell, and was hit by 1,500 volts as she was shocked when she endeavored to snatch live wires. 

Specialists have cautioned individuals are progressively putting themselves in danger as they endeavor to take more breathtaking and unsafe self representations to exceed others on informal communication stages. 

Xenia was a sharp novice photographic artist and her huge energy had been taking pictures of herself with a camera she purchased toward the finish of 2013 after a late spring activity. 

However, her life was stopped when she chose that the highest point of the rail connect in Krasnogvardeysky, in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, would make an incredible area for one of her photos. 

Lamenting grandma Olga stated: "The police said she needed to take a snap of herself during the evening, to give it the most emotional impact and with the railroad line as a background. 

"She was taking it herself so she went up there without anyone else, a sweetheart was holding up beneath." 

Be that as it may, by one means or another the young person lost her adjust, and toppled off the side of the scaffold. 

As she fell, she frantically endeavored to get the high voltage link and shocked herself before her body dropped onto the solid beneath. 

Police, alarmed by an unknown call saying youngsters had been playing on the extension, fear Xenia may at present have been alive for a brief timeframe after she hit the ground. 

Buddy Oksana Zhankova, likewise 17, who had held up underneath, is said to have been deadened by stun. 

She raced to her companion's side and was discovered hunkered close to her body when crisis administrations arrived. 

Prepare tracks far and wide have turned into a magnet for adolescents searching for energizing selfies.