A spooky Ghost caught during a Soccer Games

A spooky Ghost caught during a Soccer Games
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Associated Press photographer Paulo Duarte took the soccer photo of the decade — if such a category exists. Duarte caught what appears to be a ghost celebrating a goal in the now-famous image, according to 101 Great Goals. 

It happened on On Oct. 3, when James Rodriguez scored in the 83rd minute to give FC Porto a 1-0 lead over Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the UEFA Champions League. A delighted Rodriguez was running toward a teammate to celebrate when Duarte snapped the picture. The image hasn’t been altered in any way, and the original photo can be seen on the AP’s photo archive.
“The photo was taken by an AP photographer [Duarte] at the match, and it appears to show a silhouette of a man looking like he comes from another era, wearing clothes and a haircut from the mid 1900s,” the report says. “According to the experts, it would only have been possible to catch this image with a professional camera and the supposed ghost is too clear for it to be a blur or lighting issue.”