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Anthony Hardy: The Camden Ripper

Anthony Hardy: The Camden Ripper


ANTHONY HARDY - "The Camden Ripper" Specs: Necrophilia - Dismemberment Victims: 3 Birth: May 31, 1951 Method of murder: Strangulation Status: Sentenced to life in prison on November 25, 2003 Anthony John Hardy was born in Staffordshire, after a quiet childhood he became an engineer. He married and had two sons and two daughters. In 1982 he was accused of domestic violence and been arrested for trying to drown his wife. Hardy was arrested in 1998 for raping a prostitute but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. In 2002 Hardy was investigated after his neighbour found his door vandalized and the police found in the flat of Hardy the body of a dead woman inside a locked room. It was Sally White, his flatmate. Afterwards... Read More

Krampus: The Dark Side of Christmas


Everyone is familiar with the joys of the holiday season, the decorations, the Christmas lights, the tree, the shopping frenzy, the family dinners, the idyllic Christmas movies and Mariah Carey's festive hit All I Want for Christmas. At first it looks like the merry end to the calendar year has no room or possibility to be frightening and to be fertile ground for the horror genre. However, European folklore has several antagonists of the holiday season, the best known being not an enemy but a companion of Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was a 4th century Christian saint and a bishop of Myra (modern day Turkey) who had many miracles attributed to him. He had a reputation for secret gift-giving. The best known legend of his life tells of a poor man who had three daughters... Read More