Anthony Hardy: The Camden Ripper

Anthony Hardy: The Camden Ripper
Camden, London - UK
The Story: 

ANTHONY HARDY - "The Camden Ripper"
Specs: Necrophilia - Dismemberment
Victims: 3
Birth: May 31, 1951
Method of murder: Strangulation
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on November 25, 2003

Anthony John Hardy was born in Staffordshire, after a quiet childhood he became an engineer. He married and had two sons and two daughters.

In 1982 he was accused of domestic violence and been arrested for trying to drown his wife.

Hardy was arrested in 1998 for raping a prostitute but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Anthony Hardy - the Camden ripper

In 2002 Hardy was investigated after his neighbour found his door vandalized and the police found in the flat of Hardy the body of a dead woman inside a locked room. It was Sally White, his flatmate. Afterwards police determined the lady was dead for heart attack and Hardy was released from jail.

Few months later a clochard found some body parts of 2 women inside some tharsh bin and police started to investigate the area. The victims were identified as  Bridgette MacClennan and Elizabeth Valad.

Anthony Hardy, who was arrested a week later. After the police searched his flat they found that there was evidence, including bloodstains of the two women. Both died over the Christmas holidays.

Investigators discovered in Hardy's flat a "hacksaw with human skin still attached to the blade", an electric jigsaw was found, pornographic magazines were scattered about, a woman's black stiletto shoe rested on the windowsill, blood was found in the bathroom and a devil's mask lay alongside a note on a table reading "Sally White RIP."

The flat of Anthony Hardy - the camden ripper

However, one of the most incriminating pieces of evidence found at his apartment was a woman's torso wrapped in bin liners.

During his trial in 2003, Hardy, despite his initial lack of cooperation with the police, changed his plea to guilty to all three counts of murder and he was then given three life sentences.

In May 2010, a High Court judge decided that Anthony Hardy should be placed on the list of Whole life tariff prisoners.