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The Abandoned cold storage in Texas

The Abandoned cold storage in Texas


Sometime last year during the fall season. .  A group of friends and myself decided to check out abandoned buildings, and so called haunted places. After checking out a few boring areas for cheap thrills, I suggested we visit the abandoned cold storage... The cold storage in our town is about 6 stories , 8 if you count the underground stories. It burned down sometime back in the 50s or 60s and has been abandoned but easily acessible ever since. There is grafitti and such on the inside, as well as pieces of fiberglass everywhere , more like chunks. We made our way to get in , in secret, due to the off chance a police car might drive by and see us investigating the place. So we went around the back, walking along some train tracks. It was about 11pm . After... Read More

Elisa Lam, the missing

Elisa Lam, wanna know the truth?


In February of 2013 Elisa Lam had been missing for two weeks. She had been staying in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Hotel guests started complaining about a foul taste in the water and low pressure. On February 19th Elisa Lam's body was found inside a covered rooftop water tank. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning. Pretty gross that the guests were drinking a decomposing body. A couple of aspects of this story are very mysterious. Elisa was seen on security video entering an elevator. Elisa presses all of the buttons in the elevator and appears to be waiting for someone. The elevator door won't close, which usually means that something is blocking the track. Elisa steps out of the elevator and you can see her talking to someone and waving her hands... Read More