Attempt to create a Homunculus in Russia

Attempt to create a Homunculus somewhere in Russia
The Story: 

Above all else, I ought to most likely clarify what the heck a HOMUNCULUS is, for those of you who aren't addicted to mysterious legends:
as indicated by the compositions of antiquated speculative chemistry going back as ahead of schedule as the 16th century, the homunculus is a living smaller than expected humanoid (the name in Latin actually signifies "little man") developed from human sperm. 

Researchers of that time hypothesized that the majority of a person's heredity may exist in small size inside a sperm cell — and through the direction of a prepared chemist, a smaller than expected human could really be hatched outside of a human womb.  

Homunculus story

Soothsayer Paracelsus wrote in his 1537 volume De Natura Rerum that he had really achieved this in his own investigations, making a small being which he thought to be humanoid, yet inadequate… and he additionally guaranteed that it encouraged on human blood. 

Since I've dropped that learning on you, we should skip ahead a couple of hundreds of years. 

In 2015, a Russian YouTuber once posted a video recording what he depicted as the way toward making and growing a homunculus following the old statutes of Alchemy, and keeping in mind that most watchers expelled it as a bizarre however engaging trial, bits of gossip soon started to surface around the video, asserting it was absolutely valid. 


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