A Video Caught a Girl Floating in the Woods in Russia

There’s a girl flying through the woods outside Moscow
Moscow, Russia
The Story: 

There’s a girl flying through the woods outside Moscow.

At a time when “shocking amateur footage”-inspired movies like ‘Paranormal Activity’ are all the norm, here’s a video from Russia that has been raising suspicions about its authenticity. A new report (in Russian) shows footage recorded by an individual in a forest with his dog, who all of a sudden stumbles upon a young girl in the distance floating above ground.

She levitates above her mother, who runs away with her “supernatural” child when they are alerted by the man’s presence.

Here’s the description on the video:. 

“I rented a video camera during a walk with my dog. I can not explain what was going on .”   The video lasts only 44 seconds, initially shows playing with the dog’s movie. When the camera went right to the screen appeared the silhouette hovering in the air in a horizontal position the girl, with a raised upper body. On the ground is, it seems, parent, watching her. A dog barked, and seeing that they are facing the camera, the girl quickly sank to the ground, after which they quickly left the place.”

Schools of Buddha and Tao suggest that people who are well improved in their practice, open channels of meridians and They can hover and fly. Many religions talk about reincarnation, and possibly due to the ability to soar brought by the ability of the last zhizni.Video under the name «the Flying girl in the Russian wood», has been presented by user Jevgenij2000. «I made shooting on a videocamera during walk with my dog. I can’t explain that there occurred », – author Evgenie has written. Video lasts only 44 seconds, originally shows the author of a roller playing with a dog. When the videocamera has turned to the right, on the screen there was a silhouette soaring in air in horizontal position of the girl, with the raised top part of a body. On the earth there is mum of the girl observing for it. Has the dog bark and a Begun, HAVING seen Them That on the videocamera is directed, the Girl Has Quickly gone down on the Earth with the then They Have Quickly mum left this Place.

At schools of the Buddha and Dao, People Assume That at who were well improved in the practice, channels of meridians are opened, and they can soar and fly. Many religions speak about transformation and, probably, ability to soar speaks the brought abilities from antecedents.

Watch the video, below, and tell us if you believe it’s real or not:


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