Edward Paisnel, the story of EVIL

 Edward Paisnel, the story of EVIL
Jersey, UK
The Story: 

Edward Paisnel is a serial killer who terrorized pepople in the 60's in the island between England and France.

In late 50's he started to attack women and injuring them after he sexually abused em. 

In 1960 Paisnel, called the beast of Jersey, started to attack people indoors, specially children and women and raping them. At that time the police identified him to attack on moonlight weekends between 10 pm and 3 am wearing a scary face-mask.

He used to select victims carefully and usually entered through the bedroom window. Once inside he tied his victim's hands and placed a rope around their necks, tacking them to a nearby field and performing sexual acts.

Once finished he would return them home. He spoke a lot during the attacks in a soft irish accent. He mentioned a wife, a dead mother, and that he murdered before. He also often spoke of dropping either a lighter or a cigarette behind.

Edward Paisnel was meticulous, leaving bread crumbs to a man that didn't exist, and it left the detectives stumped. So stumped that he went on with crimes.

In 1966 he wrote a letter to the police saying:

"My dear sir. I think that it's just the time to tell you that you are just wasting your time. As every time i have done what i always intended to do and remember it will not stop at this. But i will be fair to you and give you a chance. I have never had much out of this life but i intend to get everything i can now... I have always wanted to do the perfect crime. I have done this, but this time let the moon shine very bright in September because this time it must be perfect. Not one but two. I am not a maniac by a long shot but i like to play with you people. You will hear from me before September and i will give you all the clues. Just to see if you can catch me. Yours very sincerely, wait and see."

Paisnel last attack occurred on August 1970 when a 13 years old awoke to a bright light in his face. He was taken from his bed and sexually assaulted in Edward's usual fashion, then returned home. The biy was threatened into silence but his fear and paranoia of the man returning sparked him to speak.

He described the beast, but there was a change: boy's body sported the same scratches in the former attack. It was now over a decade and it didn't appear that Paisnel would ever be caught, that is, until one little red light.

 Edward Paisnel caught by the police

Police actually caught him when he jumped a traffic red light with his car, he got out of the car and began to run. He was taken to the police station and detectives realized whan he was more than a routine arrest. He wore a long overcoat with inch-long nails in the lapels and shoulders, his wrists were clad with nail studded bracelets, old trousers tucked into his socks, carpet slippers, woolen gloves, and inside the lining of his coat was a rubber mask.

Paisnel explained that his strange outfit was because he belonged to a secret society, an elite group of Satanists, officiers actually discovered many occult objects inside his house and false eyebrows, homemade wigs and hats, a camera and several photos of various homes.

Paisnel admitted his fascination with the dark disciplines and his inspiration to Gilles De Rais

 Edward Paisnel the beast of Jersey

In November 29, 1971 he was declared guilty and charged with 13 counts of assault, rape, and sodomy and sentenced to 30 years in prison. 3 years later he was released for good behaviour and exhiled to Isle of Wight where he died of heart attack in 1994.