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 Edward Paisnel, the story of EVIL

Edward Paisnel, the story of EVIL


Edward Paisnel is a serial killer who terrorized pepople in the 60's in the island between England and France. In late 50's he started to attack women and injuring them after he sexually abused em.  In 1960 Paisnel, called the beast of Jersey, started to attack people indoors, specially children and women and raping them. At that time the police identified him to attack on moonlight weekends between 10 pm and 3 am wearing a scary face-mask. He used to select victims carefully and usually entered through the bedroom window. Once inside he tied his victim's hands and placed a rope around their necks, tacking them to a nearby field and performing sexual acts. Once finished he would return them home. He spoke a lot during the attacks in a soft irish accent... Read More

The Man with 2 faces - not fiction

A man with a second Demon Face? it's not fiction


Edward Mordrake was an Englishman born in the 19th century. He became known thanks to its congenital anomalies, as had the second person behind his head. About this man, little is known. And his date of birth, date of death, and to this day remain a mystery. It is believed that he came from a rich and influential family, and was the heir of the English Peerage. He was educated and talented, well played on the violin, but his terrible physical flaw brought him endless emotional suffering. Once people noticed the lack of Edward, they immediately shunned it. The nature of the second “face” Mordrake, among other reasons, due to the phenomenon as a parasitic twin. According to Darwin’s theory, the strongest twin survived at the expense of the weak, and before remained just... Read More

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm

The Story of Bella in the Wych Elm. Unbelievable.


On April 18, 1943, four boys were out poaching in Hagley Wood, located in the village of Hagley in Worcestershire, England. There, they found a witch-hazel tree (sometimes mistaken for a wych elm), which they thought would serve as a good place to hunt for bird nests. One of the boys, Bob Farmer, climbed up to check it out. That’s when he found a hollow opening in the tree’s trunk. A pair of empty eye sockets from within stared back at him, and at first he thought it was just the skull of an animal. He reached in and picked it up. It was human. A small fragment of skin and hair clung to its rotted surface, and crooked human teeth were clearly visible. Farmer dropped the skull back into the hollow trunk, and the four boys ran back to town. Since they found... Read More

The Crying Boy Painting

The Crying Boy Painting


The curse of the Crying Boy Painting. In 1988, a mysterious explosion destroyed the home of the Amos family in Heswall, England. When firemen sifted through the burnt-out shell of the house, they found a framed picture, entitled ‘The Crying Boy’, which was a portrait of an angelic-looking boy with a sorrowful expression and a tear rolling down his cheek. But the picture was not even singed by the blaze. Not long afterwards in Bradford, there was another blaze, and again a picture of the crying child was found intact among the smouldering ruins. The head of the Yorkshire Fire Brigade told the national newspapers that pictures of the weird Crying Boy were frequently found intact in the rubble of houses that had been mysteriously burnt to the ground. Journalists asked... Read More

Devil's Footprints in Devon

Devil's Footprints in Devon


It was the 9th of February 1855 when the Devil’s Footprints first appeared. The townspeople in Country Devon, England woke up that morning to find thousands of mysterious tracks in the snow. The tracks resembled footprints left by a cloven hoof and they extended through an area that covered several towns. The mysterious footprints were found to go up the sides of walls, into gardens, onto roofs, up and down the sides of fences, where it was impossible for any person or animal to go. Some of the tracks just came to a stop in the middle of nowhere as if their owner had suddenly vanished. Some stopped abruptly and continued after a large break and others stopped at high walls, only to continue on the other side, leaving the snow on top of the wall untouched. A... Read More